3 Ezekiel Elliott Cowboy Trade Destinations to Free Tony Pollard

3 Ezekiel Elliott Cowboy Trade Destinations to Free Tony Pollard

September 22, 2019; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Ezequiel Elliott (21) ran the ball in the first quarter against Miami Dolphins defensive end Taco Charlton (96) at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys clearly have something to hold back on Tony Pollard. Here are three virtual business destinations for Ezekiel Elliott if they plan to move him.

The Dallas Cowboys had an exciting Thanksgiving match against the Las Vegas Raiders. Although forced into extra time, the Raiders left AT&T Stadium with a 36-33 victory.

If there’s one thing to take away from the game, it’s that the Cowboys really have something special about running back Tony Pollard. Not only did he capture 68 yards of melee in the game, but he also returned a 100-yard touchdown kick.

This leaves some questions about what the Cowboys should do in this position. Could trading Ezekiel Elliott before the 2022 season be a solution? If that’s the case, here are three potential business destinations they can explore.

Trade destinations Ezekiel Elliott in 2022 for Cowboys to give Tony Pollard a job as RB1

Miami Dolphin

The Miami Dolphins might be a team looking to up their attack, specifically when running backwards.

This season, Miami experienced one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL. Through 11 games, Dolphin averaged just 77.4 yards per game, the second-worst player in the league, behind the Houston Texans. Yes, the offensive line plays a role in it, but they can stand to bring the Prime Minister back into their arsenal.

If the Dolphins want to bring it back with Tua Tagovailoa for another year, bringing Elliott the quarterback to count on would be a wise move. Plus, it helps that they can bring Elliott’s contract with Tagovailoa into his start-up deal.

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