3 key points from victory on the road to Boston College

3 key points from victory on the road to Boston College

FSU head coach Mike Norville took the Noles one win away from pot eligibility after the start of the season 0-4.

Knowles’ unlikely return after that start and the ability to win close matches is a good sign of things to come. However, the Boston College game had no business close to completion.

I felt the governors inserted themselves from the start and kept them close, but Noles walked away from what they were doing best, which helped Boston College the most.

The game was 26-3 in the third quarter, and it looked like Noles would knock the smaller team away.

However, a short start and a third transfer and 17 made by B.C. quarterback Phil Jurkovec allowed Boston College to hang around and score a touchdown in a fourth transfer down.

It appears that FSU’s offense was never in sync after the first possession in the third quarter. They proceeded to run 16 plays for 58 yards after the only possession where they scored to open the inning (3.6 ypp) (not counting the last possession for running out of the clock).

That was part of the problem, but there’s no way Boston College should have scored 23 points while averaging just under five yards per game. Let’s get into the three main points of the game.

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