3 notes from ‘Noles wins over Miami

3 notes from ‘Noles wins over Miami

FSU head coach Mike Norville secured the coveted win after a 0-4 start to the 2021 season. Noles’ unlikely return in the fourth quarter after giving up the lead tells you everything you need to know about the change in FSU’s program.

It’s possible that FSU won the game going away, forcing three Miami turnovers in the first half and missing a field goal. However, Knowles only managed 10 points from those three turnovers, which kept a powerful attack on Miami at close range. It was a game of momentum fluctuations, just like most of the heated competition.

The start of the fourth quarter saw Miami jumping up and down on the FSU logo, prompting the FSU players to storm the field, and the referees had to issue warnings to both teams. There are some questionable training decisions that haven’t helped Noles either.

I thought Mike Norville should have gambled instead of trying the long-range goal. The FSU defense was playing with the lights, and that missed field goal gave them a good position on the field and some momentum that turned into a touchdown.

I didn’t like some of the theatrical calls either, passing the ball in third and one off the gun? However, the players have found a way to win, and let’s take a look at three main points of the game.

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