3 teams trying to steal Eduardo Rodriguez from the Red Sox

3 teams trying to steal Eduardo Rodriguez from the Red Sox

While the Boston Red Sox hope to re-sign left-back Eduardo Rodriguez, multiple teams are showing interest in trying to land him as well.

Will left reliever Eduardo Rodriguez return to Fenway Park to fit into the Boston Red Sox? That’s what fans in Massachusetts are hoping for, but things are far from guaranteed. That’s because there are other teams that want his services.

John Morosi, who is familiar with MLB, Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels is showing interest. There is clearly a strong market for Rodriguez. Where will he end up playing next spring?

Eduardo Rodriguez’s free agency is definitely on fire

Rodriguez will have the next decision. Bear John Heyman, Boston put a multi-year bid on the table to return to the team. However, he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet, and he’s weighing his options.

Rodriguez spent his entire career for the Boston side, making his major league debut in 2015. His best season came in 2019, with an astonishing 34 starts and a record 19-6. He has also posted 3.81 ERA and 213 career strikes.

Last season with Boston, Rodriguez went 13-8, but with a 4.74 ERA, his worst career to date. Despite this, Rodriguez is still a solid player in the top players and there is reason many clubs would be interested in stealing him away from Boston.

Although nothing seems imminent at the moment, the longer Rodriguez waits to sign, the more nervous Boston fans will be.

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