3 up, 3 down: Florida vs Miami

3 up, 3 down: Florida vs Miami

Florida State’s 31-28 win over arch-rival Miami was a team effort. After getting 20-7 and giving up the lead, the Seminoles competed for the full 60 minutes for a thrilling win.

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Florida State’s performance on Saturday was led by several notable players helping to keep Noles in the game when they struggled in the third quarter. Here are 3 Up and 3 Down this week as we head into the last two regular season games of the season.

3 August

1. Jermaine Johnson

There is no doubt that Jermaine was the player of the game. He had one of the most dominant defensive performances in the series’ history. No other defensive player in the competition has gone into 5 tackles to lose like Johnson. Add to that 7 interventions and 3 sacks – Johnson was unstoppable on Saturday night. The last play where he came from the rear to chase the Miami tight end to force the punt was the perfect play to describe Jermaine – maximum effort, physicality and finishing ability. Saturday, most likely, locked up Jermaine’s All-American confession.

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