5 Questions, 5 Answers: Shattering Boston College’s FA win

5 Questions, 5 Answers: Shattering Boston College’s FA win

Siemens Florida State Seminoles Boston College Eagles in an exciting albeit grueling way 26-23 to close the ACC play of the season. It was a tale of two halves that seemed to fit in for this Noles team, but coming home with a win (and some foolishness) is one step closer to eligibility for Bow’s 6-6 game. The Seminoles are now looking forward to another classic competition against the Florida Gators in the swamp next week.

So what went right? what happened? Our employees are here at Tomahawk Nation He sat down to discuss the other dominant performance of the defensive line, the overall improvement from attack, and how the Seminoles were able to let the Eagles slip once more to make this game more nerve-wracking than it needs to be:

What went right when you offended? what happened?

Berry Costidakis: What went wrong was FSU’s inability to continue driving in the second half. On five possessions, they only had one score and most importantly, they went three times in just a minute as Boston College started to regain some momentum. As for the one who went well, brother man, did you see that Malik McClain got caught? Jordan Travis was on point today, hitting 251 yards in the air and three notches.

Tommy: What went right? Jordan Travis. 20-34, 251 yards, and three touchdowns was enough to fend off the Eagles’ impulse team bent on winning. Wilson (Jordan Wilson with two base blocks in the results red zone and Ontaria with three catches, sixty yards and one touchdown aforementioned) Douglas and Corbin Ward played major roles in the first half of the slaughterhouse. However, Boston College’s defense was adjusted after the half mixed in with penalties to slow the attack. Whether you like calls or not, 13 overall penalties for 120 yards are unacceptable. The play calling for the final drive made sense when Mike Norville chose to take the match delay in order to drain the last few seconds of the clock for the win.

Brett Nevitt: I thought Jashawn Corbin was really good today. 4.8 yards per operation 13 attempts, it also had a 20-yard reception. Jordan Travis was very efficient in the first half. It looks better and better in the pocket every week. Injuries and penalties were the offensive downfall of FSU today. Devontay Love-Taylor and Keyshawn Helton couldn’t give her a chance and Darius Washington was hit late. The penalties in the fourth and third relegation made it difficult for them to take advantage of more points. Some of that was also due to the mixing of the offensive navigators.

What went right in defense? what happened?

Berry Costidakis: Just like every week – Jermaine Johnson has gone well. He was joined by Ker Thomas, who had a completely dominant performance against the Eagles on Saturday. It’s hard to pinpoint anything that went particularly wrong against the defense, other than being sanctioned.

Tommy: defensive line. There is no doubt about that. The talent of the four players as well as the depth was a wonderful surprise compared to what I felt at the start of the season. I felt like deja vu From last week against the Miami Hurricanes in the final round of the Eagles. The defense was able to keep the Eagles at bay and fortunately the Seminole attack didn’t hit the ball to end the game in a strange and confusing fashion. If I had to play I would go back to the penalties (some deserved and some not so much.) The way the game was run was baffling at times but I still felt the midfield was a weak point. Major shouted out Kevin Knowles II and Delach to stop the big plays before they go.

Brett Nevitt: I don’t know if there is a better defensive line in the country now than FSU (besides UGA). Ker Thomas was on the field basically every game. Jermaine Johnson is Jermaine Johnson. Fabian Lovett made some strong interventions early on. Malcolm Ray has already begun to turn into a gem in the middle. I also thought Kalen Deloach was as good as she is today. Oh man, that on-screen play was unrealistic. It has already filled the gaps in the running game. I don’t have any control over the defense today, just thought they got a really bad penalty in the second half. Gorkovich really hurt him with his legs, but I felt they despised that and ended up winning.

What play changed the game?

Berry Costidakis: He might be off the left field, but Kalen DeLoach caused safety late in the second quarter I think provided the right amount of cushion for FSU to work with going into the second half. Those two points combined with a Ryan Fitzgerald field goal propelled the Seminoles forward enough that the opening third-quarter touchdown proved to be the difference.

Tommy: Sack, QB Squeeze, Sack, Sack, and More Squeeze. Not a single game for me changed the game, but the fourth stop down, safety with Deloach stormed into the end zone as if he had been shot from a bazooka, winning all the pre-generated pressure of the day. He shouted for Achim Dent upon his interception and Jarek McClellon for leading the team in the eight-man tackles after the tackle for Jimmy Robinson.

Brett Nevitt: This might be really specific, but I’d go with Malcolm Ray handling a loss for second and eighth on the last Boston College trip. BC was already starting to wound FSU. I felt that they would be able to score as time ran out to win. Ray destroyed the inside of the offensive line and re-run the loss to the 3rd and 9th power. That made BC back into the air and allowed Kerr Thomas to beat Jorkowicz. They were pressured to play back-to-back afterwards to force poor throws. If BC gets a couple in this run, it could play in a completely different way.

Who is your best player?

Berry Costidakis: I write first, so I’ll pick it up first – Ker Thomas. The dude has been flaunting his talent all year, but he showed up especially today. Looks like the transfer line worker has been in the back court of Boston College all day – and it’s crazy to think he could have added another 1-3 sacks to the total.

Tommy: Yes! Nobody took the obvious so I will. Jermaine Johnson killed her second today as usual providing constant pressure and stuffing his stats for next year’s draft.

Brett Nevitt: The best player is Alex Mastromanno. Strange, take it maybe, but FSU doesn’t win the game without him. It was exceptional. Five intersections, four hit 20. Two of those are inside the four, including one in the one-yard line. This is a kid in his second year of football. Secondly. And it was a weapon for the FSU all year round. Hats for mullet. (Kear Thomas said, Perry said, the tip of the iceberg. He left every bit of his effort on the court tonight.)

What is your main food?

Berry Costidakis: After a 0-4 start, the Seminoles are only one win over the Florida Gators away from qualifying for a ball game. The season is still not perfect, given the lapses that led to the 0-4 start, but it does reflect the progress this team has made since the opening kick against Notre Dame.

Tommy: Wow, another nail bite. We’ve seen what a team that shoots all cylinders can do and what a team that’s timed off can do. My main conclusion is that I am happy with the win and looking forward to the confrontation in the quagmire. Ja’Khi has really stepped up, and even if some of our players go down in defense (or get sent off), there is some tangible depth.

Brett Nevitt: The most important thing for me is that this team loves their coaches and their coaches love them. Mike Norville didn’t lose this team at 0-4 because his players loved playing with him and coaches liked to train players. Players and coaches don’t care about their individual success, they just want to see the players around them doing well. Watch the team’s reaction to Malik McClain’s catch on TD. Watch the joy on Mike Norville’s face after winning the press conference. Listen to Ker Thomas’ answer when asked about Adam Fuller breaking the rock. Men care and men believe. This goes a long way.

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