Anonymous NBA coach rips Jason Tatum apart for being selfish

Anonymous NBA coach rips Jason Tatum apart for being selfish

An ESPN profile on the Boston Celtics’ fall from the NBA Finals competition revealed that East Division coach Jason Tatum sees himself as selfish.

When Marcus Smart called his teammates Jason Tatum and Jaylene Brown to “pass the ball” earlier this month, he reinforced the idea that these two young wingspans flanking the Celtics forward appear to be holding the ball.

“Every team knows we’re trying to go to Jason and Jaylen, every team programmed and studies to stop Jason and Jaylen,” Smart said at the time. “I think the scouts’ report to everyone is to make these guys try to pass the ball. They don’t want to pass the ball.”

A team meeting ensued the next day, and the Celtics banded together to advance the Eastern Conference rankings.

The Celtics have won 8 of their 11 games since their November 1 loss to the Chicago Bulls. However, Team Boston sits 8th in the Eastern Conference with a 10-8. The seven teams ranked above them have been eyeing the lead all season, questioning whether or not the historic Celtics could push their 18th flag.

ESPN’s Tim Bontemps finds out where the Celtics are now on the “rocky road” to return to the NBA Finals competition. Bontemps travels through the places the team has traveled since their last appearance in the Finals, losing key players like Kyrie Irving, Terry Rozier and Kemba Walker, among others.

Anonymous league sources have focused on where and where the Celtics are headed with their current roster, hiding anonymous comments behind anonymity.

One Scout from the Eastern Conference said, “You can’t continue to lose – albeit flawed – the talent of all-stars like Kyrie, Gordon, Kemba and Horford. This adds.”

As the losses worsened, the Celtics all stayed behind with Tatum and Brown, who seemed to have failed on their team as a new generation of Celtics leaders.

“Jaylene and Jason don’t make anyone better,” said one Western Scout. “I put that on them.”

Anonymous sources from the NBA shed light on Jason Tatum about Jason Tatum

While the Western scout that Bontemps spoke to gave poor ratings for the young wings, the Eastern Conference assistant coach delved deeper into Jason Tatum’s apparent selfishness.

“Jason Tatum is talking about Jason Tatum,” said Eastern Conference assistant coach. “I don’t think he cares about winning now, and if he does, it’s on his terms.

“He doesn’t want to score 15 and win. He wants to score 39 and win.”

Another unnamed source in the Eastern Conference spoke about how the Celtics, led by Tatum and Brown, don’t seem to be as supportive of each other as their teammates should.

“They looked like [players that] “You don’t enjoy each other’s success, and it’s been for years,” said an Eastern Conference executive. “The fact that she is still raising her head is not surprising in this respect.”

Bontemps reports cover the Celtics journey from all angles, including those outside the organization. The talk is more problematic for an organization rooted in a winning culture than almost any other team in the NBA, but that’s no longer the case in Boston.

With Tatum and Brown at the helm, the Celtics could continue to be, as one league executive put it, “stuck on the fence — and possibly fall back.”

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