Blue Jays break the bank for potential Robbie Ray replacement

Blue Jays break the bank for potential Robbie Ray replacement

The Toronto Blue Jays have gone all out with a frontline player in free agency, and have signed Kevin Gausman in a huge deal.

The Blue Jays knew they could lose Robbie Ray to free agency in this off-season. They had just completed this step to make sure that his absence wouldn’t affect them badly.

On Sunday night, Toronto completed a deal to bring Kevin Gusman in a deal worth over $100 million.

Blue Jays has a Ruby Ray replacement in Kevin Gusman

Jeff Bassan first reported the news of a five-year, $110 million deal.

Blue Jays always had little choice between fighting to keep Ray and bringing in someone like Gausman. It is possible that they chose there.

But Gusman isn’t the only new face they’ve added. They have also strengthened their bases by adding Yimi Garcia of Houston.

Those moves won’t stop the loss to Marcus Simin, the short-haired player who just signed with Rangers for $175 million. They definitely help though.

Ray’s future remains a mystery, but it doesn’t look like he’s set to leave Toronto entirely. If he ends up signing elsewhere, the Blue Jays know they’ll still have a formidable team to move into the future with them. Gausman guarantees that they will be in a good place no matter what.

The 30-year-old was an All-Star star for the first time in his career in 2021. He had an ERA of 2.81 while he was 14-6 in 33 starts.

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