Brandon Bildt accepts Giants qualifying offer: What does that mean?

Brandon Bildt accepts Giants qualifying offer: What does that mean?

Brandon Bilt accepted the qualification offer from the San Francisco Giants, but what does that mean for his future and the veteran market?

Despite feeling as if qualifying offers around the MLB have been rejected more widely than ever so far outside of the season leading up to Wednesday’s deadline, there are some that have been accepted.

Perhaps the biggest is the main bat returning to the team that finished the best baseball record last season, the San Francisco Giants.

According to reports, number one baseman Brandon Bilt has accepted his qualifying offer, which will see the veteran earn $18.4 million in the 2022 season with the Giants.

Brandon Bildt accepts Giants qualifying offer: What next?

The gist of what this means for Brandon Bilt and the organization is that the 33-year-old senior base officer will return to San Francisco for the 2022 season on a one-year deal.

On a deeper level, the fact that Bildt accepted the offer means that he and his agent likely have looked at this off-season free-agent market and decided the veteran, who will turn 34 early next season, won’t find a better deal on him. market.

After the Giants won 107 league games last season, the task has become repetitive and Bildt must be a big part of that. In just 97 games last year, Bilt still mashed 29 home runs and had a 0.975 OPS to his credit. His absence was greatly felt at the postseason, which he missed due to injury.

Regardless, fans will definitely be happy to see Bilt back in the fold and hope he can stay healthy. After that, we’ll cross the free agency bridge again next season after his one-year contract expires.

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