Can Knowles continue to enlist success in the transfer portal?

Can Knowles continue to enlist success in the transfer portal?

Mike Norville, the coach of the FA football team, has demonstrated the ability to assess and address roster needs, and the one thing he has used to keep the FA competitive is the transfer gate.

The coaching staff realized they had a lot of heavyweights on the roster and couldn’t count on true rookies to play key minutes in 2021 if they wanted to win any matches.

So we saw the mass exit of a few players and the additions of the transfer gate players who have become the pillars of the success we’ve seen from FSU this year. Although things have been bad at some point this season, I can only imagine what it would have been like if the coaching staff had not brought this experience out of the gate.

Recruit 2022 appears to be the strongest class in high school since 2017, but it’s likely that coaching staff will still need to make it to the gate in some positions while younger players continue to develop into contributors.

They already have one committed player out of the gate in the Bless Harris offensive line. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another offensive linebacker, defensive end, wide receiver, linebacker and quarterback.

FSU will likely not take the maximum number of high school players (25). However, this will allow more locations for players in the transfer portal. Although they will target portal players, they cannot waste scholarships on players who will not be contributors. Let’s take a look at the “hit rate” so far.

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