Cincinnati is the big winner in Oregon to come out of the cut-off

Cincinnati is the big winner in Oregon to come out of the cut-off

With the Oregon Ducks falling flat on their faces against the Utah Utes, the Cincinnati Bears have a perfect chance at the college football game.

The Cincinnati Bearcats must be ecstatic the way the Oregon Ducks are battling the Utah Utes. After all, Oregon’s failures likely open the door for Cincinnati to actually make its way into the College Football Playoff.

A Utah win in Oregon will create a whole new world of opportunity for the Bearkats, who have done everything they can to prove that they belong in the College Football Playoff image.

After a few weeks of receiving disrespect from the committee in the form of the CFP ratings, the Bearcats may be making a big leap into the top four, the kind of position Cincinnati needs to head into Selection Sunday.

The Cincinnati Bearcats are the biggest benefactors of the Oregon Ducks who failed to face the Utah Utes

The Ducks are currently tracking Utah 38-7 in the fourth quarter.

At one point, Utah is leading 28-0. This game essentially ended in the first half as Oregon’s attack and defense looked completely overpowered on Saturday night.

Now, with the Pac-12 itself dismantled, Cincinnati will have a great opportunity to get the place it worked so hard to earn.

Although they were undefeated, tackled Notre Dame Fighting Irish in South Bend, and managed to show impressive appearances through several wins this season, the Bearcats needed some help moving into the playoff picture.

They should get it now.

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