Clemson football fans angry at UNC’s leadership to destroy their ACC hopes

Clemson football fans angry at UNC’s leadership to destroy their ACC hopes

With only minutes remaining between UNC and NC State, Clemson football fans had to consider that the Tigers could be the ACC Championship game.

Had you told Clemson football fans early in the season that Tiger Dabo Sweeney would have a shot at the ACC Championship game as they enter the final week, many probably wouldn’t have believed it. The team was struggling but, unfortunately, cut their stride and to make the conference title, they needed North Carolina State’s loss to North Carolina and then Wake Forest’s loss to Boston College.

On Friday, it looked as though the Tar Heels would take care of its turn. With a late field goal, they went up nine points with just over two minutes remaining on the clock. That’s when disaster struck for both UNC and Clemson by proxy.

The blown coverage sent Wolfback down for 64 yards and then NC State recovered the kick to the side. After a slew of Tar Heels penalties, they scored another touchdown with a receiver that “crunches” UNC cannons. Then North Carolina was unable to find the end zone in the remaining minute, giving North Carolina the win and eliminating Clemson.

Clemson soccer fans set fire to UNC Tar Heels to knock out Tigers’ chances

Needless to say, Clemson football fans – the group that doesn’t like UNC anyway – weren’t too happy with the Tar Heels.

On the one hand, there is the argument that Clemson should have taken care of working early in the season to avoid this situation in the first place. On the other hand, North Carolina had no loss in that game.

No matter what, Tigers fans will probably have reason to be upset. With that, perhaps no one is bothered that Tar Heel and their fans after witnessing a competition win that was 98 percent in the bag collapsed so quickly.

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