Cleveland scored 13 points, the FADF turned 24 in a blast win over Loyola Marymount

Cleveland scored 13 points, the FADF turned 24 in a blast win over Loyola Marymount

The offense is still in progress, but for most of Sunday night’s game against Loyola Marymount, Florida State’s defense was in mid-season shape.

The Seminoles (3-1) rallied all over the Lions, holding 17 first-half points and forcing 24 turns overall en route to a 73-45 win in the first round of the Jacksonville Classic.

They will play Monday night in a championship match against the winner of Sunday night’s showdown between SMU and Missouri.

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Chest points: FSU 73, Loyola Marymount 45

The match was close in the first half of the first half, but then the Seminoles strengthened their defense and took control of the match.

Florida State fell 14-13 with 9:40 left in the first half before finishing in the 18-4 round.

Loyola just made one basket of the floor during this stretch, and Seminoles took 32-17 lead in the locker room.

The advantage never dropped below 13 in the second half and was really about 20 in the remainder of the match.

It was an impressive effort for the Seminoles, who only had 6.5 favorites before the game.

Novice Matthew Cleveland led the way for FSU, scoring 13 points on 6 of 8 shots from the ground. Malik Osborne and Tanor Ngom, who had the most excitement of the season, scored 10 goals.

In all, 14 different Seminoles were played, 10 different Seminoles scored, and no one was on the floor for more than 24 minutes.

Florida repaid 51 percent of the land and Loyola retained only 36.4 percent.

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