College football fans love San Diego’s Matt Ariza aka Punt Judd

College football fans love San Diego’s Matt Ariza aka Punt Judd

College football fans have found new love in burgeoning San Diego State gambler Matt Ariza, aka “Punt Judd.”

In college football, it’s usually the quarterbacks and wide receivers or joggers and push-ups that capture the imagination.

Who would have guessed that the biggest celebrity in sports could be a gambler?

San Diego State player Matt Ariza has created a loyal following with his ridiculously strong leg. He’s hit 60 yards this year more than anyone else. He boomed at 80 yards.

In the words of Rick Neuheisel, “Kicks are a win” when it comes to watching Araiza. It’s the number one reason to tune in to San Diego State football this season.

College football fans love Matt Ariza, ‘Punt Judd’

Loving Punt Allah is not a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

Araiza isn’t just getting the attention of the Twitter audience. He is also a Ray Guy Award finalist.

Araiza averages a best 51.82 yards per kick nationally, the highest average ever going back to 2000. Braden Mann of Texas A&M is the only other gambler to average better than 50 yards per kick in a single season and try 17 fewer kicks than did Arriaza even before the Boys State game.

Matt Araiza NFL Draft: How Much Will Punt God Recruit?

Araiza is a unique prospect project. His position is not highly regarded but is arguably the best prospect in gambling in decades.

So, how early can he be recruited?

The 49-man drafting team knocked out Utah’s Mitch Wichnowski in the fourth round in 2019. Jaguar knocked out Cale’s Brian Unger in the third round in 2012. Others have risen to the level of the third round over the past two decades.

The highest-grossing player ever selected was Florida State’s Ron Stark in the second round by Baltimore in 1982 with the 34th overall pick. Todd Sauerbrunn of West Virginia was also the second-round pick, going to the Chicago Bears with the 54th pick.

Aryaza will surely be drafted. The only question is how high will it be but getting off the plate on day two is a distinct possibility.

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