College football odds: unlocking early streaks, values ​​week 13

College football odds: unlocking early streaks, values ​​week 13

Collegiate football early streaks and odds paused for Week 13. Where are the values ​​and what are the early predictions?

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Where are the potential values ​​in Week 13 of the college football season?

What are the first lines that appeared for the first time, and where are the lines that might be a little off? Somehow, I’ll guess the lines without looking at what the real ones are, and then go back and add them.

College Football Week 13 Lines, November 23

Buffalo in Ball State
Fiu’s early guess: Ball State -6.5
Actual line: Ball State -6

Western Michigan in Northern Illinois
Early Fiu guesswork: Northern Illinois -1
Actual Line: Western Michigan -3.5

College Football Week 13 Lines, November 25

Ole Miss in Mississippi
Fiu’s early guess: Ole Miss -5
Actual line: Mississippi -2

College Football Week 13 Lines, November 26

Fresno, San Jose
Fiu’s early guess: Fresno State -8
Actual line: Fresno State -9

Ohio at Bowling Green
Fiu’s early guess: oh-3
Actual line: Ohio -6

Eastern Michigan in Central Michigan
Fiu’s early guess: Central Michigan -8
Actual line: Mid Michigan -8.5

Boise State in San Diego
Early Fiu guess: Boise State -3.5
Actual line: Boise Stae -1.5

Kansas State in Texas
Early Fiu guessing: Kansas State-2
Actual line: Texas -3

Utah in New Mexico
Fiu’s early guess: Utah -15
Actual line: Utah -16

Iowa in Nebraska
Early Fiu guess: Nebraska-3
Actual line: Nebraska -3.5

Fiu’s early guess: UAB -10
Actual line: UAB -12.5

North Carolina in North Carolina
Early Fiu guess: NC State -5
Actual line: NC State -7

Missouri in Arkansas
Early Fiu guess: Arkansas -10
Actual line: Arkansas -15

Fiu’s early guess: UCF -11
Actual line: UCF -14

Coastal Carolina in South Alabama
Early Fiu Guess: Coastal Carolina -13
Actual Line: Coastal Carolina -15

UNLV in the Air Force
Fiu’s early guess: Air Force -14
Actual Line: Air Force -18.5

TCU in Iowa
Fiu’s early guess: Iowa -17
Actual line: Iowa -15

Washington State in Washington
Fiu’s early guess: Washington State -3
Actual line: Washington State -2

Colorado in Utah
Early Fiu guess: Utah-20
Actual line: Utah -24

Cincinnati, East Carolina
Early Fiu guess: Cincinnati -14
Actual line: Cincinnati -13.5

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