Cowboys continue to get involved in Thanksgiving with horrific roughness

Cowboys continue to get involved in Thanksgiving with horrific roughness

Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons has been called to rough up a bystander, after Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr fell into it.

Dallas Cowboys fans had to deal with heartburn Thursday night, and it had nothing to do with Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, it was about officials calls during the Thanksgiving game against the Las Vegas Raiders. No doubt, the Dallas fans were angry about one penalty kick in particular.

In the second half, Cowboys rookie midfielder Micah Parsons was called up for a pass penalty. But upon replay, the flag was thrown after quarterback Derek Carr… fell to Parson’s hand and knee. Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Micah Parsons called into question the questioning of bystander punishment against raiders

This penalty turned out to be costly for Dallas, as she turned an 11-yard reception by Hunter Renfrow into a 26-yard win with the penalty kick. This, has put the Cowboys in a bigger hole.

Dallas was already trailing Las Vegas 17-13. Three games later, Marcus Mariota entered the game for a one-time play, running the ball three yards into the end zone for a touchdown, extending the Raiders’ lead to 24-13.

What stings more than a bad punishment? Well, he said a bad penalty kick resulted in points being put on the board. Dallas fans couldn’t be happier to see this on their vacation.

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