Crows have no excuses not to win North Asia this year

Crows have no excuses not to win North Asia this year

The Baltimore Ravens have had their problems this season, but they are still sitting with the AFC top-seeded, so the AFC should take it for granted.

The Baltimore Ravens were the favorites to win the North Asian Championship in 2021.

They are sitting at the top of the AFC standings after Sunday night’s win over Brown, but it has been a tougher-than-expected road to control of the division.

Bengal still has a way to the top. Brown will have a chance of revenge in two weeks. Despite this, Baltimore has no excuses to let it slip by.

The Ravens should win the North Cup, no excuses

On Sunday, the Ravens needed three field goals for Justin Tucker to bid farewell to Cleveland on an ugly outing. At the same time, they managed a six-point win over a division rival despite Lamar Jackson throwing four interceptions.

When you can survive this kind of output turnover, you obviously have an advantage over the opponent.

Simply put, Baltimore mileage better than the Steelers and Browns this year. They’ve struggled and dealt with more injuries than anyone else, but they have no reason to let either of these two teams spoil their season.

Cincinnati was better than expected and managed to embarrass the crows a few weeks ago. They don’t even have a job to challenge this Baltimore team if they’re at their full strength.

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