Dak Prescott pass “Not a fan” of Patrick Mahomes

Dak Prescott pass “Not a fan” of Patrick Mahomes

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dac Prescott made a sly comment about Patrick Mahomes’ unseen passes, saying he’s “not a fan” of the technique himself.

It’s only Friday, but Dak Prescott is already casting a shadow on Patrick Mahomes ahead of the 11th week meeting.

When asked if he had tried the no-look pass promoted by the chief psychics, Prescott had a sly response as to whether or not this approach fit his crime.

“I think every quarterback is trying to incorporate that,” Prescott told Dallas Cowboys media. “Have you tried it? Maybe once or two. I often think I surprise my receivers with it, so I’m not that much of a fan.

Dak Prescott ‘not a big fan’ of the no-look pass

While Prescott may not be a fan of it personally, it’s the phrase preceding it that particularly nibbles: he doesn’t like to “catch receivers by surprise.”

While NFL quarterbacks like Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers have used this technique before Mahomes got into the technique, the formidable playmaker popularized it in prime time as he made physics-defying passes.

Impressive display of the play-industry while sprinting, Mahomes easily tossed soccer balls into receivers for big gains during games.

Of course, the one not looking at is high risk/high reward, as Mahomes and Prescott know all too well.

Earlier this season, Mahomes paid for an unseen pass with an interception, although it was Marcus Kemp who sent the ball to awaited Ashanti Samuel Jr.

In an offense that has been taking NFL defenses by surprise since 2018, Mahomes’ explosive power returned in Week 10 at 406 yards, and five touchdown performances earned him MVP of the week.

Sprinkling a few no-look passes might give the Chiefs an advantage, but it’s something Prescott and his receivers will pass.

Quite often quarterbacks don’t get too hot with a bit of trash talk, but Prescott is on the cusp of seeing Mahomes in Week 11, and he won’t start the week offering compliments to his opponent.

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