Detailed spot comparison between Florida and Boston College. Who wins football matches?

Detailed spot comparison between Florida and Boston College.  Who wins football matches?

After starting the season with four losses in a row, the FSU saw winning results once Noles’ side modified their attack and simplified their midfield passing game. Jordan Travis To display a more play-dependent attack. Over the course of four games, Travis completed 67 percent of his passes with just seven touchdowns and one interception and ran the ball for more than 300 yards. FSU went 3-1 that round, with the only loss coming at Clemson in a close match.

Travis is back against rival Miami after a one-week absence and enjoyed his best outing yet as ‘Nole: 18 for 26 passes for 274 yards to go along with 62 yards and two touchdowns. He scored several notable indelible plays in the final round to win the game alone.

UCF تحويل conversion Mackenzie Milton He has started four games this season and will be Travis’ best defender. Now that reserve red quota freshman Chupa Purdy has entered the transfer gate, leaving FSU with only three scholarship players on its roster: Travis, Milton and 2020 Signee Tate Roadmaker.

Broadly speaking, FSU has stuck to four main options so far this season, and three of the four have several years of experience starting at college level. Carpentry Ontaria BuckyWilson He struggled last week but contributed 272 yards and three runs this season. While his playing time was choppy, KS transfer Andrew parchment He brings in plenty of talent, as the captain has had 296 yards and three touchdowns so far in 2021. He got a massive fourth pass against Miami to seal the winning score. Then there is a real student Owner McClain, who has 14 grabs this year and shows great potential for the future. Fourth, junior Keyshawn HiltonHe was out due to injury versus Miami but played in 35 professional matches with the Fifa. For more depth, the second year petitions Kentron PoitiersAnd Darion WilliamsonHe was a second-year student in the red shirt Jordan Young (15 shots in a backup role last week against ‘The Stick)’ completes the depth. running back/receiver Jackie Douglas It was also a key weapon in the Miami game.

Florida beginning at the end of a court, Cam McDonaldHe continues to improve and leads the team with 18 goals this season. Share in the beginning Jordan Wilson May break in 10 grab of his own, third in the team Preston Daniel It is mainly used as a blocker. FSU’s passing game may head higher as Travis continues to gain confidence.

Boston College will test Knowles’ senior program with a high school elite. The Eagles are ranked third in the country, allowing only 159 yards per game in the air and only eight passes all season. These numbers easily outperform the ACC by a wide margin. They’ve also had nine assists this year as a team. Junior cornerback Josh Deberry He was great, leading BC in tackles and also in picking up two passes. junior fellow Elijah Jones He joins DeBerry as another experienced Corner.

The Boston College high school initiator third is a familiar name to people in Tallahassee. Jaden Woodby, a former FSU safety player/back, bounced back from a major knee injury in 2019 to have a lovely year at BC. He has started all 11 games and has 2 interceptions and 38 tackles. In a safe place opposite the former five-star owner of the Federation of Football Associations, Jason Master He lost the season a few weeks ago.

While the Seminoles made some strides in the passing game last week, the high school are an important force for the BC team this season. So we’ll give the Eagles the nod, while acknowledging that they haven’t faced many strong passing matches this season.

winner: Boston College

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