Detailed spot comparison between Florida and Florida. Who wins football matches?

Detailed spot comparison between Florida and Florida.  Who wins football matches?

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FSU’s offense found a new life when Jordan Travis He took over as a full-time quarterback against Syracuse. The team is 5-1 in Travis’ last six starts, and for the season, the sophomore has thrown a red jersey for 14 touchdowns for just five picks. In fact, he has had no objection in his past five matches. Travis also rushed for 428 yards and six runs, not to mention 16 career touchdowns and an average of 5.2 yards on the floor across three seasons in his FSU career. As a team, the Seminole passer is ranked 10th in the ACC, but is heading higher as Travis continues to gain confidence.

UCF تحويل conversion Mackenzie Milton He has started four games this season and will be Travis’ best defender. Now this reserve is a student to join the red heights Chupa Purdy Entered the transfer portal, which leaves FSU with only three scholarship players on its roster: Travis, Milton, and 2020 Signee. Tate Roadmaker.

In the wide receiver, FSU has stuck to four main options so far this season. Carpentry Ontaria “Bucky” Wilson He contributed 332 yards and four dozen leads. While his playing time was choppy, KS transfer Andrew parchment It’s become a more consistent weapon in recent weeks. He got a massive fourth pass against Miami to take the win. Then there is a real student Owner McClain, who has 15 grabs this year and unlocks great potential for the future. Fourth, junior Keyshawn HiltonHe was out with injury against Miami and British Columbia but played in 35 professional games for the Fifa and could return on Saturday. running back/receiver Jackie Douglas He became a bigger factor in the previous two games and had eight catches during that time. For more depth, the second year petitions Kentron PoitiersAnd Darion Williamson The second year redshirt Jordan Young deep approximation.

Florida beginning at the end of a court, Cam McDonaldHe continues to improve and leads the team with 22 goals this season. He had 54 yards last week against BC. Share in the beginning Jordan Wilson He racked up 10 wins on his own and had a solid second half of the season. third team Preston Daniel It is mainly used as a blocker.

For Florida, the high school lacked the ability to play (7 interceptions as a team) and was exposed at times. UF lost the junior corner Jaydon Hill Back in August before the season started. Now lining up in the corner is a household name in youngsters Cair ElamThe nephew of the former Florida safety star Matt Elam. Buck’s other corner is the start of the first year Avery Helm. They are a physically impressive duo, standing 6-2 and 6-1 respectively. Two of the top three Gator wizards reside safely in Rashad Tornes II And Tri Dean III; Each has more than 70 stops this year.

UF holds the nation’s 33rd passing defense in yards per game, allowing for 209 yards per outing, but this could be misleading as opponents often chose to hit the Gator to the ground. Just two weeks ago, Samford quarterback Liam Welch passed for over 400 yards and three touchdowns in the swamp. Several other opponents, including Alabama, Missouri and South Carolina, passed modest but effective matches without objection. FSU gets the edge here if Travis can keep taking care of the ball.


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