Did Carol Russell Wilson’s Pete Bring Back Too Early?

Did Carol Russell Wilson’s Pete Bring Back Too Early?

Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks were closed to the road opposite the Green Bay Packers on Sunday evening.

After missing a month with a finger injury, Pete Carroll and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson may have given more time to recover.

For the first time in his NFL career, Wilson couldn’t lead the Seahawks to a single point offensively. Seattle stumbled to 3-6 this season after being knocked out by the Green Bay Packers, 17-0. Although the weather was an obvious factor in this game, perhaps the biggest problem was that Seattle didn’t do a single mission aggressively under center with Wilson due to his injured finger.

Wilson completed 50 percent of his passes for 161 yards and two picks in defeating the Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks: Was Pete Carroll rushing to bring Russell Wilson back early?

From a formative point of view, Seattle was at a very disadvantage by not being able to go to center with Wilson. Although it can move quite a bit out of the gun and out of the pistol, the lack of it under the center not only hurts your running game from the launch, but makes selling game play and action very difficult. So from a planning standpoint, Wilson was put back in action.

However, time is running out for Seattle to be the playoff team this year. Only once did the Seahawks fail to qualify for the post-season with Wilson as the starting quarterback. The only chance they had to beat Green Bay at Lambeau was with Wilson as a starter. Unfortunately, the result would have been the same had Gino Smith started in his stead: L.

An ineffective Wilson reveals that there are many other problems that have plagued the Seahawks this season.

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