Do the Astros already have a backup plan for Carlos Correa?

Do the Astros already have a backup plan for Carlos Correa?

The Houston Astros seem to have given up on re-signing Carlos Correa, due to his courtship of several free agency contenders. Do they have a backup plan?

Correa could get a deal close to $30 million per season, and a five- to six-year contract. That’s…a lot of money, but that’s the case when you’re at the top of the shortstop category.

MLB teams have plenty of money to spend while they wait for the CBA talks update. Hell, Noah Sendergaard got $21 million from angels in a one-year deal. Correa is owed so much more, and it can have an even greater daily impact.

Carlos Correa rumors: Astros looking for a replacement?

Correa’s market capitalization is just under $27 million a year, and while the Astros aren’t ready to go that high, they’ll spend to get a much-needed replacement. Houston made the World Championships last season for a reason.

Moving on from George Springer at the end of the season was a tough pill to swallow for fans. Doing it again for Korea will be more difficult, but fortunately, the market for shortstops is deep this winter.

Two potential substitutes for Korea are Trevor Storey and Marcus Simin.

The story is younger and has a lot more potential, but it’s approaching a down year. Semien has a tremendous amount of power, but is four years older than Korea. The Astros can still sign Semien to a short-term deal while awaiting the arrival of Pedro Leon and/or Jeremy Pena, both of whom are currently on the farm system.

Semien makes more sense, as a short-term hit on finances will give the Astros a better chance of winning now, and also set up their short dominance in the future.

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