Expect 3 Perfect Dirham Options for 2022

Expect 3 Perfect Dirham Options for 2022

Boston Red Sox left player Kyle Schwarber. (Kim Clement – USA Today Sports)

Chicago Cubs should be active in the free agent market for 2022 with the potential addition of DH in NL giving extra incentive to go after hitters.

The Cubs are in rebuilding mode but that doesn’t mean they won’t be looking to add to the list in a free agency that’s inappropriate.

Jed Hoyer has already indicated that Chicago will be active while also looking to make smart moves that won’t break the bank.

The only thing Hoyer has to consider is the strong possibility that the National League will adopt the particular hitter. This change should put the Cubs in line to sign some hitters who might not have thought otherwise.

3 perfect DH options for the Cubs in 2022

Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber came with the Cubs organization and helped them win the world championship in 2016. Despite the fact that they let him run after the 2020 season, he got on his feet with the Nationals and ended up with the Red Sox.

In 2021, Schwarber had a career year, hitting .266/.374/.554 while smashing 32 home runs.

This kind of production would make Schwarber a favorite in the market and could get him out of the price range Chicago is willing to pay. However, he’s worth more money now than he would have been back in 2020 knowing that his entire job could just be a hit.

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