Fantasy picks FSU Football versus Boston College.

Fantasy picks FSU Football versus Boston College.

While we didn’t have a proper article for last week’s action, if you’re a Warchant member and have been chasing message boards for the past week, you won’t only see choices. I’ve seen one-way tickets to the payment window known as

(We don’t actually gloat too much. Jashaun Corbin’s 67.5-yard bolster hit the bottom line, as a one-yard gain on the final drive made the Seminoles run backwards in a 68-yard sprint for the game. If you didn’t. I don’t think fourth and fourteen would have been Impressive enough, how about that?)

Now in the euphoria of competition, Florida State is turning to the glamorous atmosphere of Chestnut Hill to enroll in Boston College. The atmosphere doesn’t mean the game itself – and the key numbers below – won’t be exciting.

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The last time Jordan Travis was at Chestnut Hill, he made the magic happen.

a summary:

Miami Week: 3-0

Season record: 14-5

Props, start!

Game prop: Jordan Travis, FSU, over/under 44.5 yards

taking: Last week’s drawing from the Warchant Postgame Show – which you can watch here 10-15 minutes into the match – said it all: “Health is important.” A healthy Jordan Travis added all the necessary elements of doubt for Florida to top the 30-point plateau.

Travis notched 336 yards of combined attack (62 on the ground) and two quick touchdowns. Boston College isn’t defending the race well this season. If Noles retains the running/passing split that greatly favors the team’s legs on his hands, we’d love for Travis to go north of that number by a healthy margin.

Verdict: On

Game Prop: Phil Gorkovich, Boston College, over/under 42.5 yards

taking: An interesting number, given that 6-foot-5 Phil Jurkovec is a pocket-taking quarterback by trade. But if you look beyond his massive frame, the eagle-sign caller has hit 60 streaming yards every time he’s played meaningful shots this season. what gives Knoll Sporting Pause of mashing it? Opponents are Colgate, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. We rely on Seminole bags to balance out the big winners on the ground here.

Verdict: Under

Game Prop: Zee Flowers, BC, over/under 75.5 yards

taking: If you love receivers that talk trash and are absolute pests, Zay Flowers is near and dear to your heart. The 5-foot-10 target is the perfect speaker before and after any game and has some talent to back him up. The Flowers crossed the 76-yard mark only three times this season, but the Fort Lauderdale native has done so in two of Gorkovich’s three full games.

Here’s a game to watch for growth from Seminole High. There’s no doubt that FSU’s Corners have seen the players are as talented (if not more) than the Flowers, but can they stop him from letting him open up deep in the field? We say BC hits at least one shot, which greatly helps the Flowers’ chances of getting more than once.

Verdict: On

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