Fast hitter: Florida State beats Boston College 26-23

Fast hitter: Florida State beats Boston College 26-23

Florida State Seminoles football has come to Chestnut Hill in search of its fifth win of the season, seeking to keep pot eligibility hopes alive before the end of the season against the Florida Gators.

As it did last week in a win against Miami, Florida State put off a great start, extending a dominant defensive performance to a 19-3 lead in the first half. But just like the previous week, it apparently left points on the field that ended up becoming crucial as the Eagles made their way back into the game.

Quarterback Phil Yorkowicz, who returned to Boston College mid-season after undergoing wrist surgery, was essential to the Eagles’ winning chances, as he navigated the Seminoles’ treacherous passes as well as delivering a great game on the ground. Boston College had one last drive to either tie or lead late in the fourth inning, but in the fourth and long, Achim Dent snatched a prayer ball from Gorkovich to essentially snow the game.

Florida State’s defense has been critical to the team’s success in the last two games, due in large part to the performances of transfers Jermaine Johnson and Kerr Thomas.

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