Fire Nagy cheer erupts in Bulls match as blast loss (video)

Fire Nagy cheer erupts in Bulls match as blast loss (video)

During the Chicago Bulls’ loss to the Indiana Pacers Monday night, fans chanted “Fire Survivor” inside United Center.

The loyal Chicago Bears had just gone through with coach Matt Nagy, especially after the team rocked a late lead 13-9 to lose 16-13 to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. There were even calls from fans at Soldier Field for the head coach to lose his job during the loss. Turns out all Chicago sports fans have seen enough of Nagy on the sidelines for the Bears.

During Monday night’s game against the Indiana Pacers, Bulls fans began chanting “Fire Survivor” as the team exploded in a 109-77 loss.

Bulls chant “Fire Nagy” during Monday night’s loss to the Pacers

Yes, Neji not only lost the Bears fan base, he lost the Bulls fan base as well! It wasn’t a good two days for sports fans in Chicago.

On Monday, a report from Jordan Schultz said there are “a huge number of Bears players who want Matt Nagy to go”. Schultz hosts “Playoff Pod” with Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson.

During his four years with the Bears, Nagy amassed a win-loss record of 31-27. The team played the playoff twice (2018, 2020), being eliminated by the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints on the Wild Card Tour, respectively.

The Bears will play in a short week against the no-win Detroit Lions at Thanksgiving, as Andy Dalton will take on injured Justin Fields. If they lost, we can only imagine how fans would react.

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