Five questions, five answers: FSU is located in UF

Five questions, five answers: FSU is located in UF

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Heartbreaker on the Seminoles in Gainesville

The Florida State Seminoles fell short after their season ended with a upsetting loss to the Florida Gators on Saturday. The game in which almost everything went into the official book and under the sun includes targeting, multiple non-sporting penalties, and punches thrown, making it a classic rivalry in its own right, that begins and ends in a humiliating fashion. Although the Seminoles eventually fell to the Gators, there were some bright and dark moments in the 24-21 loss. so what happened? What went right? what happened? The Tomahawk Nation The staff sat down to answer some questions about the confrontation and give an idea of ​​the loss:

What went right when you offended? what happened?

Tommy: Changing three midfielders in the first 17 shots is never a good thing for any team. Jordan Travis’ injuries made the start of this game feel like it was over before it started and that feeling never went away. UF was only able to remove the running game from FSU’s attack allowing a total of 145 on the floor with Travis counting 100 which is what went wrong offensively for me. What got right comes from Travis’s 100-yard muster that unlocked his ability to move the ball through the air 18-29 for 202 yards and a touchdown.

Berry: As usual, Jordan Travis. The sophomore got off the Redshirt early after getting hurt on a sack, but rushed back and emphasized a performance that saw him produce the bulk of FSU’s offensive success. FSU’s inability to do anything outside of his big plays, especially when he fell, combined with the struggles in third (a problem all year for the Seminoles) resulted in their inability to produce points.

John: Travis’s injury and the offensive line are knocked out. The UF dominated the line of scrimmage and restricted FSU’s dash game. Brenton Cox harassed Travis throughout the match. Consequently, the FSU did not take advantage of the UF’s mistakes, including Emory Jones’ three objections.

What went right in defense? what happened?

Tommy: Emory Jones who threw three interceptions went right. In fact, the minor part mostly did a good job of keeping the big plays out of the game and played fairly well. Jammie Robinson led the team with 18 tackles followed by DJ Lundy and Kalen DeLoach. what happened? Emotions were too high for this team and stupid penalties cost them a lot of yards. The wheel track has been tapped consistently this season and once the Gators committed to running in the fourth quarter to drain the clock, it seemed like everyone was gassed.

Berry: Three great stat objections to come up with, especially when you’ve gone on an eight-game selection streak now, but when you allow the team to convert 11 of 19 third touchdowns, it doesn’t really matter much. FSU only forced 3 three times throughout the day, with the Gators putting in 357 total attack yards.

John: I thought FSU’s defense and UF’s offensive were closer in talent. FSU took control of the front early and halted a really hasty Gators attack. But it was a bad game for FSU – the Gators’ short passing game really took advantage of FSU’s lack of space athleticism and ability to cover in the short bottom areas. UF turned more than 70% of his third touchdown during the first three quarters and finished something like 11/15 in his third touchdown. cruel. They held steady for a while and three very good interceptions, but the Seminole defense lost a war of attrition and was worn out throughout the match. UF ran nearly 66 plays through three quarters.

What play changed the game?

Tommy: Two acts, the muffled kick, and the muffled side kick. Had the frustrated punt return by Ontaria Wilson not occurred, there would be no such inability to return from him after allowing points from this spin. The muffled kick, I mean, that doesn’t happen. It was a strange way to end the game but it has had a lot of potential to make this game through the ages.

Berry: Jordan Travis Kiss in the game’s first Seminole campaign where he was injured in the shoulder. The FA prevented it from doing anything on offense for the majority of the first half, setting it up for a desperate points rush in the fourth quarter.

john: Ontaria Wilson’s Stuffed Punnett. The FSU Specials have been horrible all year and unfortunately they were never corrected.

Who is your best player?

Tommy: It must be Jordan Travis. It was fighting through injuries and really putting the team on its back to keep this up well. When he was off the game and in the locker room it looked like the offense had nowhere to go and when he came back, he added a much-needed spark.

Berry: There’s really no choice but Travis here really. I saw how valuable he was to the team when he was abroad, that FSU’s attack couldn’t function without him in the rally. He came off a game where he got hurt from the initial series, and it’s really encouraging to see how far he’s progressed this season.

John: Travis on crime. He is the most valuable player on the team.

What is your main food?

Tommy: My main conclusion is that we have seen a lot of growth from this team which is unbelievable. Going from 0-4 looked hopeless, turned into a fearsome defense and explosive attack, I think the team fought through adversity and showed a huge improvement.

Berry: Despite the progress made over the course of the year, cracks in the foundation are still evident by showing that FSU still does not have the ability to control 100 percent of the course of the game. The 2021 season was a step forward for the program, especially thanks to its victory over other rival Miami, but there are some easily identifiable weaknesses that will need to be addressed for a successful 2022 campaign.

John: This has been a successful season for FSU but this game will leave a bad taste in the mouths of FSU fans for a long time. Losing Jacksonville really killed you. FSU should go bowling. This was a winable match, but really bad fouls and bad luck with Travis’s early injury that negated the benefit you might otherwise have from UF turnovers doomed her to what would have been a very nice victory. I knew the Gators were going out to fight for a caretaker coach, but I was disappointed in two ways – that the Fifa didn’t match that intensity and that they allowed the UF players to mentally access them. The Gators definitely seemed to want to lure FSU into a little play and it worked and it felt like FSU was losing focus.

However, the Federation has won 5 of the last 8 matches and is split with its rivals. It was a “slightly lost” season and the FA lost again by one notch. It’s time to move on and keep climbing.

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