Florida front line man says goodbye to fans

Florida front line man says goodbye to fans

One of the first things Mike Norville and Alex Atkins did when they arrived in Florida was to assess and address issues of talent and depth up front. One of the first conversion commitments was Devontay Love-Taylor.

With his FSU career nearing an end after Sunday’s loss to in-state rival Florida, Love-Taylor is leaving FSU after making an immediate impact in his two years at Seminoles.

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In 2020, the offensive hook man has shown his versatility as he started right tackle, right goalkeeper and left tackle in the COVID shortening season. It was a key part of an FSU rushing offensive that saw marked improvements last season, and was put into place at the start of 2021.


Florida front line man says goodbye to fans


Jermaine Johnson says goodbye to Florida


Florida’s season ends in Gainesville, 24-21

His last collegiate season did not go as he had planned as he missed several matches due to injury. When he was 6’4″, 323 streak pounds off the FSU offensive, I could sense it, lose his efficiency on the floor and make the offensive line a liability in the passing game. Love Taylor wasn’t available for last Saturday’s game against the Florida Gators.

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On Sunday he addressed Florida State and fans for his time as “Noll.”

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