Florida State Basketball: NBA Beat Missouri in Jacksonville Classic

Florida State Basketball: NBA Beat Missouri in Jacksonville Classic

Jacksonville, Florida- The Seminoles, Florida, destroyed the Missouri Tigers 81-58 to win the Jacksonville Classic at the UNF Arena Monday night.

On Sunday, the Seminoles disbanded the Loyola Marymount Lions while the Tigers fought again to defeat the SMU Mustangs in overtime. For those interested, LMU overtook SMU for third place. LMU could be a Tier 2 win for Florida by the end of the season.

Leonard Hamilton’s crew came out determined to a fast tempo, and the Tigers struggled to adapt throughout the first half.

The Seminoles got off to a solid start with a 9-2 result behind the crazy effort and hustle of the Tanor Nujoom. Mizzou tried to come back, but a solid defense and nice shots from Anthony Bullitt, Matthew Cleveland and Malik Osborne kept the Seminoles comfortably ahead. The swarmed defense had knocked out Konzo Martin’s Tigers of sorts, forcing several bad shots, and the underdogs seemed to be intimidated by Seminole’s men.

Mizzou finished the first half with 13 spins and fired 9-22 (41%) from the field, including 2-9 from three. He scored nine Seminoles before the break, as Knowles fired 18-28 (64%) from the field, including 5-11 from three. Polite scored nine points to come close to FSU’s pace, with Cleveland and Osborne each contributing eight. FSU made 10 assists for three for Mizu, and also accumulated seven steals.

The second half saw Seminole continue to set their pace, with Stars once again playing on attack and keeping possessions with their hustle and bustle. The Seminoles pushed the lead to 27 with just over 16 minutes left before officials announced their presence, stopping the FSU’s flow.

The Seminoles survived an 11-3 run by the Tigers, with Cam’Ron Fletcher and Cleveland playing big roles in FSU by 22 points with 8:36 to go. Knowles kept things comfortable and finished the game with the Green Snakes given the last three minutes.

Malik Osborne won the Player of the Tournament award.

Bullitt topped the Seminoles with 14 points, and Cameron Fletcher added 12. Osborne scored 10 points and seven rebounds, while Raikwan Evans scored eight points and made six assists.

Real time updates

The Seminoles Five were started by RayQuan Evans, Caleb Mills, Anthony Polite, Malik Osborne and Tanor Ngom. Miso was founded by Amary Davis, Javon Beckett, Damien Gordon, Kobe Brown and Jordan Willmore.

Nujoom managed to snatch a defensive rebound from Mizzou’s first possession, leading to a three-man Evans-to-Polite to open the scoring. Next, the Stars had a fierce block on Wilmore, narrowly missed a triple pointer and then took charge on the other end, igniting the Seminole seat. Crazy hustle by Ngom to start the game.

Mills had a foul on the next drive, scoring 1 of 2. Stars then cut a pass attempt, which ultimately resulted in a steal by Polite, and the ball being thrown by Evans. Kobe Brown of Missouri hit a mid-range jump, but Osborne drilled a long three to answer. 9-2 FSU with 16:50 left. John Butler forced Mizzou into a spin, but Warley put her back in. Continues to miss open shots. White Wilkes knocked out a long triple late in the time limit, while the Tigers responded with a low bucket by Willmore. Cleveland had a jump for the fall after some great ball maneuvering, but Mizzou parried with a shot from Amari Davis. Wilkes then found a streak on Cleveland for his dunking. Davis defeated Mizu’s three goals, making him 16-10 FSU with 12:14 to play in the first. Cleveland snatched the ball from Tiger’s hands, pushed the field and was rewarded with a trip to the line, with both shots free. After Mizzou’s foul, Evans threw a nice dime to Osborne for throwing the ball. Knowles forced the Tigers to attempt another bad shot, and hit Osborne again, shooting a hat-trick to push the lead to 23-10 with 10:45 remaining. Hit The Warchant during Mizzou’s next timeout!

From a turnover, Warley sank back-to-back a contested corner kick, and then, after Mills stole inside, Fletcher slammed the house, leaving the Tigers searching for their souls and staring at a 17-point deficit with 9:30 to go:

The Tigers finally climbed onto the board in triples, but Mahdeb quickly answered with a bucket. He scored another superb pass from Butler, giving the FA an advantage of 31-15 heading into a median timeout of less than 8 years. After a defensive misunderstanding, Polite sprinted down the lane looking for a crowded tomahawk.

Miso threw the ball wide on the next possession and Evans had them push a hat-trick. Caleb Mills hit a corner kick after another turn for the Tigers. Davis and Brown then scored four quick points for Mizzou, as Noles became sloppy for a stretch, with the next media time out at 3:29, which saw FSU double for Mizzou, 38-19. Fletcher stole a pass and threw a breakaway tomahawk dunk, only to be answered by Kobe Brown’s bucketload on the other end.

Cleveland worked its way through Mizzou’s entire roster to convert a running pontoon, making it 42-21′ Noles with 1:45 remaining. Quincy Ballard netted an opportunity for Mills, as Davis hit a middle-tier player in response to a first-half scoring finish.

FSU 44, Missouri 23 in half.

The second half opened with the same pentathlon for the start and the same fast pace that Knowles dictated. Mills fed stars to get a nice pass from no looking to open the scoring. Davis replied with a bucket, but after Stars kept the possession alive twice with great fanfare, Bullitt dug another triple. Mizu’s throw was answered by two butlers. Polite then made a heist, which led to Evans’ departure. After Evans’ two free throws, FSU held an advantage 54-27 with 16:37 remaining. Then the referees got themselves into the game, whistled at Noles for three quick fouls and affected FSU’s flow. This contributed to an 11-3 run by Mizzou before Fletcher dropped an open triple to give FSU a 60-38 lead with 11:39 left. Fletcher sank after sloppy possessions for both teams, only to be answered with a Kobe Brown triple.

Cleveland found Osborne to drench him with a perfect rebound pass, and followed that up by hitting the house with a slam dunk on the next possession. Davis hit three more for Miso to cut Seminole’s lead to 66-44 with 8:36 to go. Mohadeqa dropped another jump before FSU whistled for her seventh in-game foul (to two Mizzou) with 6:51 remaining. After two free throws by the Tigers, Mills knocked out a triple pointer, earning a standing ovation from the pro-FSU crowd for an excellent block after not giving up a turn, then crashing into a float in the fairway.

Fletcher hit three times to push the score to 76-48 with 3:45 left. The Seminole’s full seat end entered the game with 2:36 to go, and the Seminoles finished their quest for the Jacksonville Classic with three balls from Harrison Prieto, and a jumper from Justin Lindner. It should be noted that no one cheers louder than the stars on the bench.

Final score: FSU 81, Missouri 58

game thread

Result square

FSU . notables

Anthony Bullitt 14 points

Cameron Fletcher 12 points

Matthew Cleveland: 10 points, 4 rebounds

Malik Osborne: 10 points 7 rebounds

RayQuan Evans: 8 points, 6 assists

the following: FSU will return to the Tucker Center to host the Boston University Terriers on Wednesday at 7 p.m. The game will be shown on ACC Network.

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