Florida State defeats Miami in the 56th edition of the competition upon relegation at the last minute.

Florida State defeats Miami in the 56th edition of the competition upon relegation at the last minute.

For most of the 2021 season, the margin between win and defeat was slim for a Florida State football team that has seen five of its six losses, including each of the past two weeks.

But Saturday night against arch-rival Miami, the Seminoles reversed that trend by embarking on a last-minute game-winning campaign to make a thrilling 31-28 and secure one of the program’s best wins in more than half a decade.

FSU’s offense captured her 20-yard streak, trailing by five points and reeling from the 20-7 lead at halftime.

The impetus that ensued led to a fierce competition win, while also sending the raucous crowd at Doak Campbell Stadium and the FSU collegiate fan base in a state of jubilation.

“So proud of our team, the coaches, and everyone involved in the program,” said Mike Norville, Florida State’s second year coach. The work, the investment, the response to adversity, the way we work, everything we do on our program is preparing you for a moment like this. The way it ended. With that match, I no longer feel proud of our team.”

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The Seminoles didn’t have much momentum when they broke through the crowd to start their winning campaign, with Miami coming back from a 17-point deficit to take the lead in the fourth quarter. FSU was trailing 28-23 and on the brink of a fifth straight loss to the Hurricanes.

That all changed when quarterback Jordan Travis slipped to number one and ten. The Redshirt’s sophomore took a shot in the first play of the drive, raising a deep ball into a soft zone in Miami’s defense between the corner and safety, down the right sideline. She was perched over the shoulder of the receiver Ja’Khi Douglas and in his hands.

“I just said, ‘Don’t drop it, don’t drop it.'” Douglas said with a smile. ‘I had to grab her. It was a big match in a big moment to put the team on their way to score.”

Fortunately for the Soviet Union, Douglas kept the pass and then some others. He sprinted another 30 yards down the sideline, and in an instant, Noles was already in the 21-yard line in Miami and threatening to score.

Hurricanes’ defense, which had only allowed three points during the second half up to that point, wasn’t going down without a fight.

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