Florida State Football: Norville reviews the great rivalry he won against Miami

Florida State Football: Norville reviews the great rivalry he won against Miami

Florida State football is close to a 31-28 victory over the Miami Hurricanes. The Seminoles led Jordan Travis and Jermaine Johnson to a winning return late in the fourth quarter. The Nol team will now turn their attention to the Boston College Eagles, in which they play on Saturday afternoon. This morning, head coach Mike Norville met with the media at his weekly Monday press conference to review the big competition win. Here is some of what he said:

“Coming out on Saturday, what a game. It was everything Florida and Miami had to be.”

“Our guys never flinched. They played to the end, they fought. I thought they put in so much effort… that we could finish the way we did, it was a special night.”

“I thought Jordan Travis was exceptional. Jermaine Johnson, this was an all-time performance of this rivalry.”

On Imrion Cooper: “I thought he showed up in a big way.”

“He was someone in the recruiting process, I loved the way he played the game. He showed versatility… a really streamlined engine, that will find a way to make an impact.”

“He kept playing. She was in the right place even when at times it was a negative play, but she didn’t flirt with him.”

“Now, we have to take the next step. Playing with Boston College that got the quarterback back, he’s one of the best quarterbacks in this league.”

“This team, they believe in what is in front of us. We have to play our best ball on Saturday in Boston.”

“A very active team. It was a physical game. It was a full quarter match. I thought we came back with a goal yesterday.”

“I loved what I saw from our guys yesterday understanding what lies ahead. Winning the competitive game is big, and being able to make the move after that is crucial to us.”

“When your best players are your most hardworking workers and can be that example of what it takes, that’s huge… He’s a great example for our youth. He’s made an incredible impact.”

“It means everything. He talks about the scale of his growth and development. I thought he played his best… He made those decisive throws in tight windows… That’s the growth you need to see. Jordan is still very young in the process of starting matches. You look at the last three games he played, the efficiency in the passing game has improved a lot.”

“It’s huge. It was a busy weekend. We had double digit official visitors, over 100 unofficial visitors. We put a lot into it…Our fan base is special, every time a youngster or family gets to experience it, be this unique of its kind.”

“The young people we bring into the program, now and in the future, are going to be difference makers.”

“These kids care about each other… the kids want to be a part of that. It’s bigger than themselves, but it’s an opportunity to step in and make an impact.”

“It was a fun experience, it’s so much more than a game because of everything that goes into it…everything you do for 365 days puts you in a position to succeed.”

“Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, it just puts you in the best position to make it happen.”

We will update this article with a video of Norvell Compression as it becomes available.

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