Florida State Football Practice Report, Interviews: Boston College Week

Florida State Football Practice Report, Interviews: Boston College Week

The Florida State Seminoles returned to the training grounds on Tuesday to prepare for a road game against the Boston College Eagles. After beating rival Miami Hurricanes, the Seminoles looked energetic, confident, and ready to get back into the grind.

11 against 11

Rhythm/2 minutes:

Quarterback Jordan Travis had a shortage at the bottom of the sideline but the defender was called in for a pass intervention that moved them 15 yards. Travis was able to escape the pressure and scramble to get another 15. Travis was looking for wide receiver Malik McClain on a well-thrown ball but defensive linebacker Travis Jay was able to pass a cross from midfield to get a hand in and break up passes. Travis found ATH Ja’Khi Douglas near the 4-yard line screaming at the top of his lungs in the final touchdown zone. The entire offensive side ran to celebrate and the kick was good.

  • Mackenzie Melton got a good throw from the touchline to Andrew Parchment high and pinned the ball to defensive back Garyon Jones.
  • Of the fifty, Travis found Treshaun Ward at about 30 yards wide open. The arrow hit Ward in his hands and after swaying it ran the rest of the way down.
  • Defensive end Marcus Kushney was able to break the edge to get the “sack” but Travis was able to complete it to receive Keyshawn Helton for another touchdown. (They called the play dead after Travis was touched.)
  • DJ Williams ran back for a big 15 yards down the middle prompting defensive coordinator Adam Fuller to join linebacker Stephen Dix Jr not to fill the void.
  • Quarterback Tate Rodemaker managed to contain one of them well by getting close to the defenders after exiting the pocket to find receiver Malik McClain on his toes to trigger the chains.
  • Rodemaker was also able to find Douglas with Jay shutting down quickly. Jay couldn’t break the pass and ended up making the first touchdown.
  • At the goal line, hold the pocket long enough for Travis to see the field. Covering was good and knocked the ball off to tight Cam McDonald with defensive backs Jarques McClellon and Achim Dent.

1 for 1

  • There was a bit of a junior battle between McClean and centre-back Amarion Cooper. McLean managed to put Cooper outside and jumped high on the touchline.
  • Wide receiver Jordan Young put the moves of defensive back Jimmy Robinson. Footsteps faltered, he made a juke, and crossed upward leaving his back in the dust.
  • In a few reps, Jackson West blinks a bit as he drops a dent on the floor and flies away to complete it.
  • On one Travis throw, the receiver slipped and defensive back Jarrion Jones was able to move in to intercept.

7 by 7

  • Wide receiver Ontaria Wilson picked up a bombshell from Travis with Jones in close coverage. Wilson was able to see the ball coming in at the exact time he needed to get ready to catch it and he fired a loud bang from the sidelines.
  • Wide receiver Darion Williamson was able to catch one in the Rodemaker’s round flats. Defensive back Jimmy Robinson was quick to the receiver for an intervention but he barely missed Williamson when he took his turn to run up the field.
  • TIght end Markeston Douglas stood out in a few plays where he grabbed the middle and delivered the connection.

* Lots of praise for their new defensive backs during these drills. Cooper and Kevin Knowles both received praise from defensive coordinator Adam Fuller for staying in coverage areas and not giving up plays.

Player interviews:

Jordan Travis talks about getting better on and off the field and gaining self-confidence

Omarion Cooper talks about his big run against Miami, where he was playing as a real freshman, and his success mentality.

* Video courtesy of Noles247

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