Florida State Seminoles Soccer: FSU ignites when trail recruiting

Florida State Seminoles Soccer: FSU ignites when trail recruiting


Four-star high offensive tackle and FSU legacy Julian Armilla has FSU in his last four with a December 4 commitment date announced.

Earlier, four-star priority target Wesley Bessan seemed to hint he’d stick around for the same weekend:

It looks like FSU is headed for both goals.

Nod head to Noles247 for this scoop; FSU Early On Mycah Pittman; Oregon WR who recently entered the portal:

It’s safe to say that FSU has been lacking a bit of elite speed in skill spots lately; Enter five-star prospects Sam McCall and Travis Hunter:

FSU Transfer Processing Commitment Bless Harris is ranked #18 in the 247 Primary Transfer Gateway Rankings.


Among FSU’s fans on Twitter and other social media, Akeem Dent was a popular punching bag; Now ACC is defensive again of the week.

Ker Thomas, Jermaine Johnson, Ker Thomas; I just named the last three winners of the ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week award.

I was surprised to see Darius Washington on this week’s depth chart. His prognosis is much better than what FSU expected after the lower leg injury he suffered vs. BC.

FSU is a two-point underdog in Gainesville this weekend.

Well, well, well, well, look who’s last in the pot drops after starting from 0-4.

Other sports:

FSU demolished Missouri to win the Jacksonville Classic.

FSU should creep into the top 17 when polls drop tomorrow; They are delayed by the massive showdown between South Carolina and Yukon:


A former FSU running back appeared on display this weekend:

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