Florida State Soccer Recruitment: News, Offers, Commitments, and Prospects

Florida State Soccer Recruitment: News, Offers, Commitments, and Prospects

Welcome to the 21st edition of the ongoing 2022 recruitment discussion! Florida State has straight wins against Miami (Florida) and Boston College, rides some serious good waves on the recruiting track, and finds itself on the verge of qualifying for the championship. Standing in their way the UF program is in disarray. No matter how this game unfolds, we expect early December to have major ramifications for Tribe ’22.

As of today, the 2022 class sits at 16 commitments and holds the 13th National Composite Team Ranking (it is currently the third best class in the ACC, behind Clemson Tigers and North Carolina Tar Heels).

Who will be next to visit, commit, or uncommit? As always, head below for all of the links to our recruitment content, check out the comments section to keep up with the latest Florida State Seminoles employment news, and be sure to post any questions, mock classes, or comments.

Tomahawk Nation has also launched a new podcast channel called Everything Noles, which also includes the renamed Recruitment Podcast, The Florida From the Recruitment Podcast: The Three Stars. Check out the first episode here and check back in this article as we’ll include links to every podcast we record, for your convenience.

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Class of 2022 football recruits

QUARTERBACK: 4 stars AJ Duffy (FL)

Backrunner/athlete: 3-star Rodney Hill (GA)

Wide receiver/specialist return: 3-star Devaughn Mortimer (FL)

Tight End: 3-star Brian Courtney (Virginia)

Tight end: 3-star Jerrale Powers (Texas)

Offensive intervention: Transfer Bliss Harris (Lamar University)

Offensive tackle: 3-star Daughtry Richardson (Florida)

Goalkeeper/Offensive tackle: 4-star Jaylen Early (Texas)

Goalkeeper/Offensive tackle: 4-star Qae’shon Sapp (GA)

Offensive goalkeeper: 3-star Kanaya Charlton (GA)

Lineman Offensive/Defensive: 4 stars Antavious “Tae” Woody (AL)

Defensive intervention: 3-star Bishop Thomas (Florida)

Defensive intervention: 3-star Daniel Lyons (Florida)

Defensive End: 3-star Aaron Hester (Florida)

LINEBACKER: 3-star Omar Graham Jr. (Florida)

Rear/Wide Receiver: 5-star Travis Hunter (GA)

Safety/athlete: 5-star Sam McCall (Florida)

Scout Reports

Jaylen early

Antavious “Tai” Woody

Rodney Hill

Devon Mortimer

Sam McCall

Travis Hunter

Aaron Hester

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turn their backs

broad receptors

narrow ends

Offensive navigators

defensive ends

Defensive interventions


Defensive backs

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