Florida State vs Boston College: Defensive Ideas, Stats & Ultimate Engine

Florida State vs Boston College: Defensive Ideas, Stats & Ultimate Engine

Arguably, Florida State’s defense was one of his best performances of the season yesterday against the Boston College Eagles at Chestnut Hill. Noles finished another match in a painful fashion, but this time it was not the attack in the last confrontation, the defense was blocking the eagle’s attempt from behind to finish the match 26-23.

With one tandem – two hooks Jermaine Johnson second and Keir Thomas combined for ten tackles, four for losses, two kicks, and seven sprints in the middle, the defensive line put in a dominant display, and it was clear that quarterback, Phil Gorkovic, never wavered early on. Enter into a full rhythm.

As incredible as the streak was played, it was an all-out defensive effort that helped ‘Noles’ hold out against Boston College. Defensive back Achim Dent intercepted a fourth down to bring the attack back onto the field as the clock eventually dwindled.

  • Fourth stops down, especially in the fourth quarter on a two-point conversion attempt that was broken up by Achim Dent in the red, seemed to change momentum again in Nol’s favor. The failed diversion attempt succeeded, so the Eagles would need a touchdown rather than a field goal to win the game. Boston College attempted three fourth down transfers and was only able to transfer one.
  • Linebacker Kalen DeLoach’s safety made huge waves early on as Travis Levy planted in the end zone raising the tone of the defense.

The last defensive encounter started with huge things from Thomas without a profit on the 11-yard line from Boston College. Thomas was able to easily break through the offensive line and stop running back Patrick Garrow III in his track. The second play was a 12-yard pass completed to wide receiver Zay Flowers pulling out of the hole and passing through the softpoint of the FSU defense midfield. Deloach was able to shoot flowers from behind, showing off his pace against one of Boston College’s fastest players. Deloach came downhill in a similar fashion previously offered to the safety to stop Garwo without any gain in the next play.

The defense started to shake a bit against BC’s best effort after Jurkovec was able to skip dash passes and run for 16 yards. After another short gain interrupted by Dent’s defense and Jarvis Brownlee, Thomas came up with other things in the middle. Linebacker DJ Lundy had a third stop-start of the drive forcing 4 and 2 on the seemingly inevitable Jurcovek jump over Jarques McClellion and Lundy for the first time.

Under great pressure from the midfielders, Jurcovec made a horrific throw straight into Dent’s outstretched arms for the interception that ultimately won the match. It felt safe from DeLoach and a failed two-point transfer attempt by Dent influenced the play calling for Boston College’s final drive.

First Quarter

  • Allowed yards: 48
  • Third down transfers: 0-2
  • Sacks: 1, defensive end Derek McClendon II
  • Average yards per game: 2.9

Florida State 7, Boston College 0

Second Quarter

  • Allowed yards: 57
  • Third degree transfers down: 3-7
  • Sacks: 2, defensive tackle Fabian Lovett, Keir Thomas
  • Average yards per game: 2.6

Florida State 19, Boston College 3

Third quarter

  • Allowed yards: 94
  • Third degree transfers down: 2-2
  • Bags: 1, Ker Thomas
  • Average yards per game: 6.3

Florida State 26, Boston College 10

The fourth quarter

  • Allowed yards: 129
  • Third degree transfers down: 3-5
  • Bags: 0
  • Average yards per game 5.2
  • Total tenure time: Boston College 32:03

Final score: Florida State 26, Boston College 23

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