Football in Miami may have just foreshadowed the fate of Mane Diaz

Football in Miami may have just foreshadowed the fate of Mane Diaz

Football in Miami is in transition with sporting director Blake James leaving college, which should also mark the end for Manny Diaz.

After winning NC State and Pete, Manny Diaz may have been feeling a bit better about his job security at the start of November.

Now he must be sweating.

On Monday, the Hurricanes split from athletic director Blake James, calling it a joint decision.

Whether you buy the exchange or not, that doesn’t bode well for the head coach.

Miami Sports Director Blake James is out and Manny Diaz is supposed to be next

Diaz is not a celebrity at the moment, and not getting support from the man who hired him may be the last nail in his coffin.

However, it is all about timing. Diaz may very well get another season just because the schedule for hiring a new sporting director is not likely to be very fast. It’s highly unlikely that Miami will hire a new advertising employee who is willing to fire a sitting head coach and hire a new coach all within the next few weeks. It could all go downhill in the new year, or Diaz could end up training for his job in 2022. We’ll see.

James took over as the athletic director for Miami in 2013. He inherited Al Golden and fired him in 2015. He hired Mark Richt to lead the program as a graduate looking to bring some of his success out of Georgia with him. However, he did spend three years with the Hurricanes, going from 26th to 13th before retiring after the 2018 season.

Diaz was promoted from his position as defensive coordinator under Richt but only after taking over as Temple coach for two weeks.

His tenure as a coach in Miami wasn’t much better. He went 6-7 in 2019 and managed a record 8-3 in 2020, but his team is 5-5 this season and just lost to rival Florida State.

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