FSU Basketball won seven in a row against the Gators in Sunday’s showdown

FSU Basketball won seven in a row against the Gators in Sunday’s showdown

The test is getting more difficult for today’s Florida State men’s basketball team.

Seminole rolled on Ben in the season opener on Wednesday night, scoring more than 50 points in each half on her way to a 105-70 laugh.

But today, in Gainesville, the Seminoles are facing a much better sports team, a lot deeper and a lot more when they face the Florida Gators at 1 p.m. (ESPN).

They also encounter someone with a whole lot of new faces. Men who were not on the list for many – if any – past losses of Seminoles.

Florida State’s Leonard Hamilton won seven straight games in the rivalry.

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Matthew Cleveland and the Seminole #20 at the University of Florida today compete for the Florida Gators today in Gainesville. (USA today)

Florida’s five starters in its opening season win over Elon consisted of all five players who transferred from another Division I school, including two — Myreon Jones and Brandon McKissic — who are newcomers to the program this year.

In total, four of the seven best players in the Gators’ rotation, at least according to minutes played in the opening game, are new transfers.

Meanwhile, Florida has two high-profile transfers at Caleb Mils and Cam’Ron Fletcher. Mills scored 14 points in his Fifa debut against Ben, and Fletcher added 9 points and 5 steals.

Although they scored 105 points in this win, the Seminoles will likely have to shoot better over the 3-point range against the Gators than they did against the Quakers to come out with their eighth straight win.

In the victory over Penn, FSU was only 7 of 22 out of 3. And if you exclude Anthony Bullitt’s 3-of-4 performance from behind the arc, the other Seminoles were only 4 of 18 out of 3-point range.

Florida State head coach Mike White, who hasn’t outdone FSU as the Jets coach, was asked earlier in the week what he thinks of the Seminoles this year.

“It’s a confident team,” he said. “Especially considering their turnover and the players who lost. I thought they were looking really good last night, playing both on the offensive slopes and on the offensive glass, forcing them to make a lot of shifts defensively. A group that plays really hard, as expected, and a team that will compete again. At a high level in the ACC.”


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