FSU Football Practice Report: Seminole Preparation for Boston College

FSU Football Practice Report: Seminole Preparation for Boston College

The Florida State Seminoles are stacking good practice on top of good practice and coach Mike Norville seemed to echo that in his interview on Wednesday. He looked happy today too noting that Lawrence Toffeli is back but limited and hinting at the fact that he could be available this weekend.

Here are some notes from Wednesday’s practice as they prepare to take on the Boston College Eagles on Saturday afternoon:

* There was an exciting battle between tight-lipped Daniel Preston and defensive back Jimmy Robinson in individual mobility drills. Daniel won most of them by sheer size. He was able to lower his shoulder and implant Robinson twice. In a different actor, Robinson seemed to be expecting the shoulder and Daniel was able to grab him and circle him with a spinning motion. Robinson had defeated Daniel earlier and threw him to the ground and Norville was ecstatic, however, he trained Robinson in what appeared to be frustration and was very hard on the shells.

11 vs 11

The two-minute drill lasted about 20 seconds and ended with a long landing throw in front of wide receiver Ontaria Wilson. The two-wheel drive started with a sack play by defensive lineman Malcolm Ray and the constant touchdown was something of interest. Jordan Travis’ throw had a lot of air underneath and Travis either didn’t see safety approaching or didn’t look at it because Achim Dent read the ball perfectly. However, the pass bounced off Dent while he was in the air and made its way into Wilson’s hands for an easy landing to finish the workout.

  • Defensive end Jermaine Johnson II was stuck in team practice in third as she skipped running back Treshaun Ward to get into Travis’ face causing a throw.
  • Running back Jashaun Corbin showed his pace and was able to get in between tackles with some good blocking from the offensive line for 20-yard gains. Defending up front was fierce and being able to hold off Johnson and defensive end Kier Thomas is truly an achievement of his own.
  • Midfielder Tate Rodemaker, under a lot of pressure from the defensive line, found receiver Jordan Young halfway down the field for the first time. Rodemaker showed improvement all season and made a few good plays throughout the day.
  • Rodemaker got a bad headshot and was able to capture it with the pocket closed quickly. Then he threw a pass through a window to close the White Rector for the first time.
  • At the goal line, the pocket was held for a few seconds but slowly began to close forcing Travis out. Thomas moved into the sack but Travis was able to make a nice throw that would have been a touchdown for Camryn MacDonald as defensive back Garrion Jones didn’t come at the last second to knock her away.

1 for 1

  • Preston Daniel had another fight with defensive back Brenden Gantt, but Gantt ended up getting his best this time by hitting a massive pass at the last second.
  • Confronting Ontaria Wilson, Gant was tricked by a gentle path that ran against him as Wilson sliced ​​the field to escape.
  • Achim Dent seemed to have redeemed himself in this exercise and pushed his hand into Daniel’s arm to break a pass.
  • One of the men who continues to make a huge impact in practice is ATH Ja’Khi Douglas. Douglas and defensive back Kevin Knowles went up in the air for a pass and it looked like Knowles had an interception but Douglas was able to fight for the ball as she dropped it from his hands.

Overall it was a competitive day on both sides of the ball. Darion Williamson, the wide receiver, looked like he didn’t drop a single pass his way and it was one of the best days I’ve seen. At the end of training, Preston Daniel’s outfit looked like he’d played two more times in Wake in the Rain. Dirt-stained and exhausted, it was a busy day.

Player Interviews

Linebacker Kalen DeLoach spoke about FSU’s victory over the Miami Hurricanes last weekend, looking forward to Boston College, and arriving at the ball game.

Dillian Gibbons spoke about the last stand on the goal line against Miami. He calls it “the best football player” and said it was one of the greatest moments of his football career.

“If you get into Doak Campbell right now, you can still see the cleat marks on the lawn.”

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