FSU news: Football season is over, transfer talk, football advances to the College Cup

FSU news: Football season is over, transfer talk, football advances to the College Cup

The Seminoles in Florida had an unforgettable weekend. With the close of the regular season, coach Mike Norville & Co. finished with a stronger performance than some expected and showed improvement in many aspects of the promotion. Losing to a UF competitor was tough but looking forward to lots of things to be excited about heading into your off-season recruiting fortune.

Women’s football continued to take on Michigan to advance to the College Cup, football seniors planned to bid farewell, and men’s basketball slammed into overtime against Boston. Here are some of the highlights over the weekend:


The iconic rivalry between Florida State and the Gators was somewhat disappointing for the Nol faithful who were losing out on Route 21-24. However, seniors, eligible recruits, and ex-players expressed their love for the program and their belief going forward:

Meanwhile, the training loop has already begun:

If you’d like to get into the conversation, talk about job opportunities around the college football scene, or even if you’re just wondering why Bob Stoops is a temporary in the OU and needs some company, check out the thread below:


The transfer gate has become more and more a standard since it came into effect and will play a huge role in filling in some of the gaps that need to be addressed moving forward with the Seminoles. What do you think is the biggest need situation that can be fixed through the portal? Who would you like to see join Tribe 22? jump on New Transfer Portal fan post by JoeNole and talk to your heart’s content:

And as always, experts Tim Scribble, NoleThruandThru and Josh Pick speak in the latest edition of FSU Football: OFFICIAL Tribe ’22 Recruiting Thread #21.

(More on the way.)


In case you missed it, FSU narrowly escaped Boston in overtime (81-80) on Wednesday but managed to wait for another second bucketload by Matthew Cleveland, looking forward to their November 30th clash against Purdue at 7 p.m.

Meanwhile, women’s basketball fell to Purdue 66-61 and is looking to Illinois, December 2.

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Women’s football narrowly defeated Michigan 1-0 in overtime and advanced to its 12th College Cup in program history:

For more information, check out our biggest fan Frank’s post which was moved here after Arby’s filed a restraining order for violating fan section rules:

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