FSU QB McKenzie Milton’s Courage Honored by ACC with Piccolo . Award

FSU QB McKenzie Milton’s Courage Honored by ACC with Piccolo . Award

Florida State’s Mackenzie Melton award winning quarterback Brian Piccolo was chosen by the Atlantic Coast Conference, sharing the honor with Clemson’s Justin Ross.

The Piccolo Award is given annually to the league’s “most brave football player” and is also called the Wake Forest and former Chicago Bears.

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“I am very happy to honor MacKenzie with the Piccolo Award,” said coach Mike Norville. “He has shown an incredible amount of resilience, drive and competitive spirit throughout his long comeback to playing football. McKenzie made an incredible investment to reach his goal even when the odds were against him severely.

“He’s a great fellow, and his personality and leadership have had a profound impact on our program. We are very proud that McKenzie is part of our Seminole family.”

Milton, from Kabul, Hawaii, moved to Florida after five years working at UCF.

After leading the Knights to 23 consecutive wins, including the 2017 Peach Bowl, Milton suffered a disastrous knee injury in the 2018 regular season finale. A two-time Heisman Award nominee, Milton suffered artery and nerve damage in his leg, a dislocated knee and a ruptured ligament and tendon. . His right leg was nearly amputated after the helmet’s knee injury caused a lack of blood flow to his leg.

Doctors removed a vein from his left leg to help create a new artery in his right leg to restore blood flow and successfully save his leg. The main goal of the surgeons who operated on him was for him to walk one day without limping or pain.

After eight surgeries, he persevered through more than 1,000 days of rehab, and in December 2020, he was transferred to Florida.

Milton started four games at the Seminoles in 2021, completing 58.3 percent of his passes with three touchdowns. His comfortable opening weekend appearance against 9th seed Notre Dame helped him complete an 18-point comeback in the fourth quarter to force overtime.

Milton is the seventh winner of the FSU Piccolo Award, joining Dan Footman in 1992, Sam Cowart in 1997, Corey Simon in 1998, Chris Weinke in 1999, Anquan Boldin in 2002 and Chris Thompson in 2012.

Brian Piccolo was the 1965 ACC Athlete of the Year in Wake Forest and played for the Chicago Bears before his career ended when he was diagnosed with cancer. His brave fight against disease has been an inspiration to the Bears and the entire football community.

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