Game Story: Florida beats Boston College

Game Story: Florida beats Boston College

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts- Florida State football is one win away from the championship eligibility after a 26-23 win over Boston College on Saturday afternoon. The Seminoles started fast, opening a 26-3 lead early in the third quarter. Penalties and missed missions in defense allowed the Eagles to return to the game, but FSU made plays late in the fourth quarter for the second week in a row. Florida State’s faith and desire to fight for the full sixty minutes has earned them two close matches over the past two weeks. Now, after starting at 0-4, they sit one win away from pot eligibility with only the Florida Gators remaining in the table.

Important moments

Wilson dives into the edifice for bullets early

Florida’s offense moved easily early on. Malfunctions drove them out of the finish zone on their first drive. Jordan Travis was sacked in third for moving Knowles out of the goal area to finish the first half. After Alex Mastromanno installed a kick in one, the FSU defense forced a second BC kick into several drives. FSU took over at 50 after a good comeback by Ontaria Wilson.

Travis turned third and seventh when he got out of the jeep in a nine-yard stampede. Two plays later, he hurried down again. FSU’s face mask penalty moved to the red zone. In second, Travis climbed into the jeep and found Wilson over the middle. Jordan Wilson put a huge block on the BC defender to clear the way for WR, who has moved into the pylon for six.

Doubtful (gently) penalty shootout gives BC three points

FSU’s defense kept BC silent during the first two drives. The Eagles got some help from the rulers to move. In third, Amarion Cooper was in perfect position on a fade to grab the INT, but was caught by a tight finish. Despite this, Cooper was the one who called for the overlap to be passed. After a few plays, QB Phil Jurkovec looked to be in a scramble to get a third turn down. Glide a short distance from the first descent. Jammie Robinson tackled him before QB slipped, but Robinson was called for unnecessary roughness and was ejected for targeting. BC finished driving with a 46-yard field goal. Their lead totaled 39 yards, with 30 yards from penalty kicks.

‘Noles easily push down for another TD

The Seminoles crime was responded to with a manifesto campaign. Noles drove down the field with ease. Travis Jashawn found Corbin over center for a twenty yard win. Corbin then broke away for 18 yards to move FSU across the midfield. Ward and Travis followed in their first consecutive race. Another Corbin run from 10+ FSU gave a first and a goal. Lawrence Toffeli hits him in the end zone of the screen pass. FSU ran for 50 yards on four lunges on the seven play, 85 yards.

Defense stands tall, OL offenses cost FSU points

The Eagles’ attack looked like it would add more points to the next drive, but FSU’s defense wouldn’t break. Jurkovec made three touchdowns in a row with both legs. Finally, the Seminoles came in with a stop to run in third place. Malcolm Ray rushed through the middle to get the TFL in third and one. BC stayed on the field in fourth and second and ran the ball back. Garan Jones stood up Patrick Garrow just crossed the line of scrimmage to force Doran to land.

Travis capitalized on FSU’s momentum in the first drive-in play. QB dropped a deep ball into Wilson’s breadbasket for 41 yards. A handful of bugs forced the booth to drive afterward. In third and one, Noles turned on a QB offside but they couldn’t get any raise. FSU looked like it was going to sneak in again at the next play, but Dillan Gibbons started wrong. The offense remained on the field in fourth and sixth positions, but Maurice Smith had a sudden blow, which resulted in a kick.

Deloach blows the safety of the screen, the attackers on three before the first half

For the second time of the day, Mastromano pinned the Eagles to 10th. Kerr Thomas, assisted by Jermaine Johnson and Robert Cooper, sacked Yorkovich in second. In the third and long, Boston College looked to catch FSU by surprise through a screen, but Calin DeLoach quickly diagnosed the play. The linebacker looked like he was shot from a cannon when he shot him in the back and kept him on the goal line for safety, giving FSU a 16-3 lead.

Camryn MacDonald’s 26-yard completion set a field goal for Ryan Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald converted a 36-yard field goal. He drove the FSU 19-3 in half. Noles beat the Eagles by 136 yards and tied them up for 2.7 yards per game.

TD teams trade in half

FSU took the second half kick and the offense exited the locker room with a purpose. Corbin ran 26 yards in the first two games of the inning to move Knowles across the midfield. Travis McDonald’s found the highest seam for a 15-yard gain. Ward moved the Boston College quarterback to move FSU into the red. Then Travis looked for the owner of McClain in the corner of the end zone. McClain shoots the ball and catches it full extension for a stunning TD shot. Travis threw for 51 yards on the drive.

Boston College had an immediate answer to keep the game from getting out of hand. Jurkovec scrambled for 17 on the third and 11 to keep the leadership alive. Patrick Garrow gave them first place and a ten-yard target. In fourth and third, Garwo dived into the finish zone for the Eagles’ first TD of the day.

Inverted sensitization results in BC TD

The Seminoles managed to maintain a long distance in the next possession, but penalties slowed them down again. Two penalties for illegal formation forced the Punt out of the British Columbia region. Once again, Mastromanno was able to pin the Eagles at 10.

But the FSU defense could not take advantage of the long field. The first Zee Flowers hunt of the day was big. Flowers caught a short pass over the middle and knocked three defenders out of their boots to turn it into a 44-yard win. At fifteen, Yurkowicz burned the loom with his legs again for the first time. In the third goal, Jermaine Johnson reached Yorkovic and took the ball out of his hands. On the field, the FSU ruled a passing recovery, but the review described it as an incomplete pass and placing the ball on three BC players. Then the Eagles hit it for fourth again, with Yorkovic jumping into the finish zone on the goalkeeper. BC was unable to convert a two-point conversion, as the Eagles trailed 26-16 with 12:57 left.

Another ghost penalty appeal leads to another BC TD

FSU’s offense responded to TD with three and he was out. In the ensuing penalty kick, the FSU defender was shoved in the back into the back shooting. Instead of a block in the back on the BC, it was a kick interference on the Seminoles. The BC offense didn’t take long to respond. The Flowers beat Jarvis Brownlee in singles coverage for 36 yards to make it a three-point game with over 10 minutes remaining.

FSU finally stops, and Dent chooses Jurkovec to play on the ice

Once again, the Florida crime could not assemble a drive due to penalties. Travis Seminole moved close to the midfield with a 13-yard pass to Douglas. In fourth and one place, Noles stayed on the field, but game delays made up for the first touchdown and FSU had to bet. Mastromanno pinned the BC inside 20 again, this time with a 49-yard sprint.

The defense was pressing for the second week in a row to stop. They had to get it, for the first time in the first half. Yorkovic used his legs again to shift into fourth and second and move across the midfield. Malcolm Ray came in with a second loss intervention to force third and ninth place. Kerr Thomas quickly received pressure to force a non-completion. BC stayed on the field fourth and ninth from FSU’s 37. Thomas forced the quick press again, which led to a prayer by Jurkovec. Achim Dent jumped off a wide receiver BC and intercepted the pass.

The objection essentially froze the game, with BC only having one timeout and 1:42 left on the clock. Travis knocked the ball out of the bounds as the clock ran out to finish the game and moved FSU’s win away from pot eligibility.

FSU . notables

Travis: 20-34, 251 yards, 3 TD

Wilson: 3 rec, 60 yards, TD

Corbin: 13 rush, 62 yards, 1 detail, 20 yards

Thomas: 7 tot tkl, 3 tfl, 2 bags, 5 QBH

Johnson: 3 tkl, 1 tfl, 2 QBH

the following: Florida State will head a few hours south of Tallahassee next week to face the Florida Gators. The match is set to kick-off Saturday at noon and will be broadcast on ESPN.

Result square

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