Heisman eyeing the top candidates after Week 11: Will anyone rise?

Heisman eyeing the top candidates after Week 11: Will anyone rise?

Who is looking for the Heisman Cup? The best candidates, what they need to do, and who still have a realistic shot.

Heisman Watch: The Best Candidates After Week 11

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Now that the season appears to be the Georgia Invitational, the nation desperately needs the Heisman Trophy campaigns to roll — and it really isn’t.

No one has captured a nation. No player has ever been able to get up and take the best individual and all-sport award and make it theirs.

But opportunities are coming.

It’s Heisman time.

It’s mid-November and the race is wide open, so it will be up to whoever shows the biggest shows in the biggest matches and everyone is watching.

It’s the ultimate sports beauty contest, and here are the major stars still in the mix, where they stand, and what they need to do to win the thing.

Player of the week 11
(outside the main players on this list)

QB Gallon Daniels, KS
Will the young midfielder burn more playing time to take his chance at kindergarten? That was the one question everyone wanted to ask, when the real focus was on this…

Kansas 57 just pinned the Texans and won the Big 12 game on the road.

Unlike years past when Kansas scored a shock victory, this win seemed to signal the start of something under head coach of the year Lance Leibold. Daniels had a big role in that, completing 21 of 30 passes for 202 yards and three touchdowns—with a two-point conversion layup that garnered the game—and ran 11 times for 45 yards and score.

5 other players on Heisman’s watchlist

At the very least, those five would get a large number of votes and still be in the group to be among the finalists. In alphabetical order…

QB Matt Coral, Notre Dame
DT Jordan Davis, Georgia
QB Sam Hartmann, Wake Forest
RB Trivion Henderson, Ohio
QB Desmond Reader, Cincinnati

5. QB Kenny Pickett, Pitt

The numbers are still impressive. He may not have gotten his 2019 Go Burrow stats or last year’s Kyle Trask numbers, but he’s not too far off with 32 touchdown passes, only four picks, and for 300 yards or more in seven of his last eight games.

Why Kenny Beckett will win the Heisman Prize: He has a great mix of stats and buzz. The foundation is laid, and the numbers will become even more impressive over the next few weeks. He should get his shot to show off at the ACC Championship, but…

Why Kenny Beckett won’t win the Heisman Prize: Not enough big games left. Virginia and Syracuse won’t get as much national attention, and once again, the ACC’s other conference tournaments will likely swallow up.

4. Caleb Williams, Oklahoma

It was a rough day in the office in the 27-14 loss to Baylor, but no one has had Heisman-like moments this season. From the fourth round down against Texas to turn the year around, to the aggressive save-say plays against Kansas, to the exceptional performance against Texas Tech with six pass scores, he mustered plenty into half a season.

Why Caleb Williams would win the Heisman Prize: No one will catch injured Coastal Carolina out-of-the-year star Grayson McCall in the middle classification, but Williams remains No. 2 in the country. It’s not just about numbers – Iowa and Oklahoma are next. If he shines in those two games and takes the OU to the Big 12 tournament, he’ll be back in the mix, but…

Why Caleb Williams won’t win the Heisman Prize: 10 of 19, 146 yards, no touchdown, two picks, one lunge score. That was his day of losing to Baylor. It wasn’t all his fault, but he couldn’t move the offense and was eventually lifted in favor of Spencer Rattler.

Heisman Watch 2021: Top 3 candidates after Week 11

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