Houston Astros dream in rotation after re-signing Justin Verlander

Houston Astros dream in rotation after re-signing Justin Verlander

The Houston Astros were able to seal a deal with Justin Verlander. What will their rotations look like at the start of next season?

Justin Verlander is officially returning to the Houston Astros. After initially rejecting Houston’s eligible bid, the talented and experienced bowler came to an agreement with the Astros.

This will help Houston greatly. Verlander is a little older at 38 and is back from Tommy John surgery, but if he’s healthy, he’s definitely one of the best bowlers in baseball.

So how does that affect Houston’s turnover at first?

Houston Astros sign Justin Verlander: What will the Astros’ turnover look like in 2022?

If the Astros wanted to make another signing to replace Zack Greinke which greatly improves their starting spin, here’s what the ideal situation for Houston would look like: make a deal with Marcus Stroman.

Here’s what the starting rotation will look like.

  1. Justin Verlander
  2. Marcus Strowman
  3. Lance McCullers Jr.
  4. Framber Valdez
  5. Jose Urquidi

Of course, signing Strowman might just be a dream. Perhaps that’s not all that is realistic, and the Astros have a few other options out there.

If the Astros just want to roll the dice at the arms they have, they already have a decent spin that could work in their favour thanks to some younger arms featured in Houston last in the World Series.

  1. Justin Verlander
  2. Lance McCullers Jr.
  3. Framber Valdez
  4. Jose Urquidi
  5. Luis Garcia, Christian Javier, or Jake Odorese

It’s clear that Verlander and McCullers will still lead the Astros spin, but if Houston doesn’t go out and get another starting pitcher to boost the spin, Valdez, Urquidi and Garcia are all youngsters who could go out and get some solid impressions for the Astros.

This trio has been a bit inconsistent at times, so Houston might want to keep looking around for a bit (or add another talented arm or two to the Bulls’ base), but that’s a serviceable spin that could put the Astros pretty far, assuming everyone He remains in good health. It’s also worth noting that Astros Odorizzi and Javier also have it.

Now that Verlander is back, Houston has some flexibility in what she can do with the starting course.

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