How FIighting Irish Made College Football Playoff

How FIighting Irish Made College Football Playoff

Football Notre Dame is alive for the trip back to College Football Playoff but needs some help over the next three weeks to make its way back to life.

Football Notre Dame has a chance to return to College Football Playoff for the third time overall and for the second year in a row. But Brian Kelly’s team needs a few breaks to work its way up over the next three weeks to get one of the four points.

Last year there was a lot of debate over whether Notre Dame deserved a playoff spot with many believing that fifth place at Texas A&M was a better team. Notre Dame lost to Alabama in the semifinals, but earned her place thanks to her win over Clemson in the regular season.

Notre Dame doesn’t have the same level of good wins this year, but improved play in Wisconsin over the past six weeks has helped it achieve its record strength. Wisconsin is 15th in the latest CFP rankings with Notre Dame taking sixth, two places outside the playoffs.

How can Notre Dame make a college football match?

Notre Dame doesn’t control its own destiny like other one-lose teams like Alabama, Oregon, Ohio, Michigan State and Michigan State. Maybe even Oklahoma and Oklahoma. Without a conference championship match, Notre Dame wouldn’t benefit from winning another quality on her resume. With Georgia Tech and Stanford still on the schedule, Brian Kelly’s team should finish the year with two more wins.

is it enough?

Notre Dame football fans should root for Alabama’s loss to give them a second loss. It would be better if that loss came against Arkansas or Auburn, not against Georgia in the SEC Championship game. A close loss to Georgia Alabama may actually help in the “loss of quality” division.

Next, Notre Dame needs Oregon to lose a second game. This may be the most likely scenario with Utah on the schedule on November 20 and a possible rematch in the Pac-12 Championship game. A second loss for Oregon eliminates the ducks.

There is a possibility of the Big Ten massacre that opens the way for Notre Dame. If Ohio State beat Michigan State on November 20, then lost to Michigan on November 27, and then lost Michigan to Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship game, that’s great news. This means Notre Dame defeating the Big Ten champion and eliminating three teams ranked above them.

Now that’s starting to look good for Notre Dame in the playoff. Sure the Big Tens to break each other up is possible, but Notre Dame also needs to be encouraged by the team to win.

No. 5 Cincinnati needs to finish the match unbeaten, so losing Notre Dame to the Bearcats is as solid a loss of quality as possible. Cincinnati has SMU and East Carolina remaining and then Houston in the U.S. Championship game in all likelihood.

For Notre Dame to play the playoff, they must win and root some turmoil while Cincinnati turns the table. If Cincinnati loses and Notre Dame wins, it hurts her resume. So they rooted for Big Ten chaos, Cincinnati to win and Oregon and Alabama to lose. Not everything has to happen but if some of these scenarios are implemented, Notre Dame could see a return to the playoff.

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