Is this AJ Hinch and Carlos Correa having brunch together? (Photo)

Is this AJ Hinch and Carlos Correa having brunch together?  (Photo)

An image has reached Twitter of super agent Carlos Correa meeting in Houston with Tigers captain AJ Hinch.

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see where superstar Carlos Correa arrives next. After several memorable seasons with the Houston Astros, Correa appears ready to continue his career elsewhere. Could a move to Motor City be in the making?

The Detroit Tigers are among the teams that are very interested in getting their services across. Well, a photo has found its way to Twitter as tiger supporters jump with glee.

Carlos Correa and AJ Lunch were spotted together making MLB Twitter go crazy

What do we have here? An image making its way all over the Twitter of Correa and former Houston manager AJ Hinch, now with the Tigers, enjoying a meal together. While this might just be two friends catching up and discussing their casual plans, this of course also looks like Hinch is selling Correa on all the things Detroit can offer him. MLB insider Jeff Bassan confirmed that the two met, but no deal is imminent.

Correa is undoubtedly one of the free agents’ main targets, with several teams ready to take the fight to try and get his signature for a massive contract. The Tigers are already causing quite a buzz this month after they signed superstar Eduardo Rodriguez on his big deal.

Now, they shifted their focus to some attacks, with Korea at the top of their target list. It doesn’t look like a decision from the hard-hitting Shortstop team is coming soon. With that, Detroit will be in the race to make up his mind. Will Hinch help send Detroit to the top, or will a different team win the sweepstakes? We can’t wait to find out the answer.

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