Jerry Jones rips referees for Cowboys-Raiders that are set with penalties

Jerry Jones rips referees for Cowboys-Raiders that are set with penalties

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wasn’t happy with the way the judges called the Thanksgiving game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Dallas Cowboys played probably one of the best Thanksgiving games in recent memory. They forced overtime against the Las Vegas Raiders while trailing the entire game, but fell 36-33 on a field goal won by Daniel Carlson. But the only thing that took away from the match was the amount of penalty kicks called for by the referees in the match.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wasn’t too fond of how the game was called, and said the raiders took advantage of the situation, which he called “throwing the ball.” As in, throw the ball and get the penalty kick.

Jerry Jones and Micah Parsons target management of Cowboys-Raiders

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The Raiders faced a third stop and 18 in overtime, and Derek Carr threw a pass to wide receiver Zee Jones. He didn’t pull the pass, but Las Vegas had a huge gain after Dallas linebacker Anthony Brown was called in to interfere with the pass. It was Browns’ fourth penalty-taking pass in the game, and set up Carlson’s game-winning kick.

Jones wasn’t the only one upset with the way the game was named. Rising linebacker Mika Parson said teams should play football, “not tag”.

Parsons was called in to rough the penalty kick in the second half after Hunter Renfrew received an 11-yard reception. It wasn’t terrible at all, as Carr fell into Parson’s arm and knee. The 11-yard gain turned 26, and established Marcus Mariota’s accelerating touchdown to give the Conquerors a 24-13 lead.

That day, the Cowboys were called for 14 penalties for a total of 166 yards. The Raiders received 14 penalties as well, but for 110 yards.

The Cowboys will put this game behind them, as they prepare for their game against the New Orleans Saints next Thursday.

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