Jim Harbaugh takes Ryan Day’s shot after Michigan beat Ohio State

Jim Harbaugh takes Ryan Day’s shot after Michigan beat Ohio State

Jim Harbaugh was definitely feeling himself after Michigan flipped Ohio for the first time and didn’t hesitate to cast a shadow at Ryan Day.

Make no mistake about it, Michigan soccer coach Jim Harbaugh took his block to arrive on Saturday afternoon. He was 0-5 against rival Ohio State heading into the game, had a history of falling short in the big games, and seemed to be a source of jokes about the college football world.

So for him to take all that and come out with a 42-27 victory over the Buckeyes that punches the Wolverines ticket to the Big Ten Championship Game as well as putting them in a prime position to make College Football Playoff deserve a lot of respect. The coach persevered to get his program to this moment in time—something he clearly doesn’t think Ohio State head coach Ryan Day understands.

Speaking to the media after the match, Harbaugh apparently took a dead target on Day and the Buckeyes by saying that “some people are born at third base and think they’ve hit a triple.”

Michigan Football: Jim Harbaugh casts a shadow over Ryan Day after winning The Game

While Day has kept the Ohio State machine running smoothly, it’s hard to argue that Harbaugh at least has something, especially when compared.

Day officially acquired the Buckeyes after Urban Meyer stepped down and while the program had gone 25-3 over the previous two seasons. Meanwhile, Harbaugh is back in Ann Arbor to coach his college after the Wolverines were knocked out of a two-year 5-7, 12-13 season in the final years of Brady Hoke.

To Day’s credit, Day has done a great job on the recruiting track and Ohio State’s College Football Playoff has been consistently under his watch. Having said that, the task at hand was the task for which he was set up to succeed, not the task he had to make himself, which you can argue was the case with Harbo.

It’s definitely a shot from Harbaugh at Day, but as they say, that’s the game. And you can bet that this will only continue to fuel the competition going forward.

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