Joey Bosa chargers put on COVID-19 list ahead of Steelers game

Joey Bosa chargers put on COVID-19 list ahead of Steelers game

Chargers defensive star Joey Bosa has been placed on the Reserve/COVID-19 list ahead of a climax game in Los Angeles against the Steelers.

The Los Angeles Chargers have been in the midst of a disappointing mid-season, losing three of their last four games and only three-point wins over the Eagles in the positive column.

Now, heading into Sunday night’s football game against the Steelers in Week 11, they could face another uphill battle.

On Tuesday, the Chargers put defensive end star Joey Bosa on the Reserve/COVID-19 roster ahead of the Steelers game. Young defensive tackle Jerry Tillery has also been put on the COVID list.

Joey Bosa on COVID-19 list of chargers ahead of Steelers SNF مباراة match

Bossa, without exception, is the largest part of the Chargers’ defensive front. With Melvin Ingram losing in free agency, the franchise is on a bit of a brink, and losing Bosa could exacerbate that problem.

However, it is not yet known what the vaccination status of both Bossa and Telleri will be, and therefore, what their availability will look like in the prime-time match against the Steelers.

However, if there is any positive side, it is clear that the Steelers could be without Ben Roethlisberger for the second game in a row given his placement on the COVID-19 roster. Not that there is a good time for the Chargers to lose their best passing, but if there is a good time, it will be when the defense just has to take on Mason Rudolph and a bad offensive line.

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