Justin Jefferson refutes calls for mockery after throwing the ball at Keenan Allen

Justin Jefferson refutes calls for mockery after throwing the ball at Keenan Allen

Justin Jefferson, the Minnesota Vikings receiver, wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t making fun of Keenan Allen when he threw a ball on the touchline.

Justin Jefferson signed up for an NFL-wide conversation about ridiculous penalties on Sunday.

During their meeting in Los Angeles, the future Vikings threw a ball to Kenan Allen sitting on the side of a charger.

The cameras captured the interaction that would have been a lot of fun outside of the current NFL context.

There were a lot of people asking at this moment why it wasn’t so ridiculous.

After all, Los Angeles had a ridiculous penalty kick for something Chris Rumpf apparently said in his starting cover.

No satirical call for Justin Jefferson proves the inconsistency of the NFL

It didn’t help that last week’s Bears-Steelers dropped a ridiculous penalty kick against Cassius Marsh for her brilliance in the opposite sideline. Cam Newton also received a penalty for his ferocious celebration of his return to the Panthers.

The governors kept their flags in their pockets when it came to Jefferson. When he got back on social media after the win, he proceeded to clarify his intentions with Allen.

You have to ask Allen if he feels disrespected or not. However, this situation only shows that sarcastic calls are annoying for two reasons. The first is that they are completely inconsistent. The second is that players are not allowed to display emotions in a game based on it.

It is a good thing that Jefferson was not reported at that moment. It would be better if others were not punished for the same thing every week seemingly at random.

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