Kelly Ober Was So Angry That Steve Curry Stole The Moment He Was Ejected

Kelly Ober Was So Angry That Steve Curry Stole The Moment He Was Ejected

Kelly Ober wasn’t cool enough to keep his cool when he fought his former Golden State teammate Steve Curry in Charlotte.

Kelly Obour may be playing the Charlotte Hornets now, but everyone knows Queen City’s favorite son is Steve Curry.

On his only trip to Charlotte this season in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors guard made a show for his hometown followers. Oubre had a big bucket from the long run as the clock ticked off in the third quarter. In a great display of individual prowess, Curry choked 3 pointers on the bell with Oubre guarding it. This gave the Warriors an 88-87 lead at the end of the three in Charlotte.

This was the sequence that made both of The Hive buzz.

Unfortunately for Oubre, it got even weirder in the early minutes of the fourth quarter. Intercept a boardwalk to take it from coast to coast for an easy transition. After being put in the hoop, Oubre was technically double evaluated by the referee to be ejected from the game.

Did Carrie totally steal his Oubre rattle? Perhaps, but what a turn of events for the wasp!

Kelly Opber gets double tech in the wake of Steve Curry stealing his gloss

It’s the kind of ingrained banality that makes the NBA a league like no other. You can be petty at baseball, but the opponent pitcher will throw at you. You can mock the NFL as long as the zebras don’t look your way, but too bad the opposition will push you into the grass trying to hack your soul. But in the NBA, anything and everything like that is completely within limits.

Oubre is an excellent player, but Carrie is a generation talent. This is the kind of thing that Carrie has been known to do from time to time. Charlotte may be having a good season, but the Warriors are off to a hotter start to the year. Since this is Carrie’s only trip home this season, you’d better think he’ll be putting on a show for the local audience. Oubre had to exit the left stage.

Curry clearly got the best of him from his former Warriors teammate and lost Ober shortly thereafter.

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